Club Racer Progress

Our IF Club Racer is starting to take shape. Many thanks to Rick at Gold Country for the effort, the pic, and the progress report.

8 Responses to “Club Racer Progress”

  • cafn8 says:

    Looks lovely. It’s nice to see a racy bike with a 36 spoke wheel too.

  • Alan says:

    Thanks! I’m a big fan of beefy wheels…

  • Tamia Nelson says:

    I really like those wheels, too. What are they? Lovely bike!

  • Alan says:

    “I really like those wheels, too. What are they? Lovely bike!”

    Hey Tamia,

    The rear hub is a Shimano Ultegra, the front hub is a Shimano Alfine dynamo, the rims are Mavic A719s, and the tires are Schwalbe Marathon Supremes.


  • John Climaldi says:

    Looks like it’s coming together well! Can’t wait to see it finished.

  • Simon N says:

    Fantastic looking build so far. It’s going to be really interesting to compare this to what I’m having made – although I have to say mine’s a couple of months behind!

    So similar, and yet, so different. What is it the Vulcans* say? “Infinite diversity in infinite combinations”.

    *Yes, I am a big nerd.

  • Alan says:


    Thanks! It’s almost done; I’m currently waiting on some parts for mounting the Honjo fenders. I’m hoping to have it completed this coming weekend. What are you having built?

  • Simon N says:


    I’m having a commuter designed and built from scratch by Thylacine Cycles. Columbus Zona, Ultegra SL, Marathon Supremes, Chris King headset, rack, fenders – familiar sounding, no?


    Commuting in Melbourne is a wet, grimy, windy, curb-dropping-off-of, stop-start affair – so where your bike looks to be a light and precise instrument with more than a touch of class, mine is going to end up more of a utilitarian draught-horse. BB7 discs, 2 prong rigid fork, etc. The only specs less ‘beefy’ than yours is that I’ve gone for 36 spokes on the rear but only 32 up front, and I’ve opted for a Fizik saddle rather than Brooks as I’m vegan and unfortunately for me that lifestyle choice extends beyond what I eat.

    Looking at your build is like looking at the bike I would build in a parallel universe. Absolutely fascinating.

    Again, beautiful bike you have there.

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