Civia Hyland Price Reduction

As you’ve probably already figured out, we’re pretty high on Civia bikes around here. The Hyland we reviewed earlier this year was such a hit that we made one a permanent part of our stable. Plus, the Loring we reviewed a couple of months ago is currently on our short list for when we get around to adding another dedicated cargo hauler. We love the fact that Civia has done so much to lift production utility bikes out of the realm of the mundane with their innovative thinking and gorgeous designs. We’re starting to see other manufacturers move in this direction, but Civia was ahead of the curve and they continue to lead.

Speaking of Civia, we were just informed that the retail price on some Hyland models was reduced; this is good news if you were thinking about one of these beauties but you were on the fence due to the price. From PJ @ Civia:

We will be moving to a new spec on the Hyland Alfine and with that will come a new MSRP of $1675!  At this point we need to move through the inventory of Alfine bikes we currently have so we will be marking all existing bikes down to $1675 as well. This is an amazing deal on the current spec and is available until we sell through. We will have more details on the new spec soon so stay tuned.

Also our new Hyland Drop-Bar builds are now available for $1575 and the Hyland 3-speed model will now retail for $1475.

Our dealers have all been informed of this pricing change so if you have been thinking about getting a Hyland now is a great time to get in and pick one up.

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4 Responses to “Civia Hyland Price Reduction”

  • Cullen says:

    Civia bicycles are beautiful works of art.

    You mentioned, “we’re pretty high on Civia bikes here.”

    You own some? If so, what model[s] do you own?

    If I weren’t balance-impaired and walker-reliant, I know I’d definitely pick up a Civia!

    p.s. Do you think Civia will ever get into trike-making?
    p.p.s. I’ll email them that suggestion. Thanks for the post!

  • Alan says:

    Hi Cullen,

    I own a Hyland, and we may eventually purchase a Loring. Word is, a third model is due to debut this fall.

    I’d be surprised if Civia moved into the recumbent market; very few companies have had success crossing that barrier in either direction.


  • Michael says:

    Recently purchased a Hyland Rohloff through Orange 20 in LA. Spent some time looking for the right bike for my needs (a hilly urban commute) and very satisfied with the Civia. It’s a great ride and I’m thrilled with its build quality. The Rohloff is worth every centavo. It’s an extremely fun bike to zip around town and really quick. EcoVelo’s coverage of Hyland was certainly a factor in my decision.

  • JohnnyC says:

    Is the Hyland Rohloff reduced as well?

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