Fluted Honjos

I admit it; I have a real soft spot for beautiful bike parts. Phil hubs, Brooks saddles, cork grips, Nitto bottle cages, Japanese brass bells, TA cranks, bamboo racks, and so on. Among them all, probably my favorite are fluted Honjo fenders. There’s just something about the lines, the polish, the precise fit and finish. These will be put to good use on our upcoming IF build.

6 Responses to “Fluted Honjos”

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    These are my favourite fenders, installed on my vintage mixte. In addition to being stunningly beautiful, they are also extra long (longer than the other Honjos), which is great in wet weather.

  • Alan says:

    I saw those on your bike – very nice!

  • Tom Barone says:

    I too love the HONJO fenders however my choice was for the ” hammered fenders” They also add a supurb vintage look.

  • Alan says:


    I love the hammered version as well; to my eye they have a more “Euro/Vintage” look, whereas the fluted are a little more understated and elegant. Good stuff.. :-)

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    My husband has the hammered Honjos on his roadbike. Even though the hammered are not my choice, one practical benefit to them is that dents are less noticeable, since they are basically already covered in dents. I would hate to dent my fluted ones though.

  • A Bike Commuter says:

    To me the choice between fluted and hammered is similar to picking a favorite color.

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