The Transportation Prescription

A new report commissioned by the Convergence Partnership demonstrates how healthy, equitable transportation policies can improve the quality of life for everyone, and in particular for vulnerable communities. The report is co-authored by Judith Bell of PolicyLink and Larry Cohen of Prevention Institute, with a forward by James Oberstar, Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Here’s an excerpt:

Healthy, equitable, transportation policy supports the development of accessible, efficient, affordable, and safe alternatives to car travel, and especially to driving solo. These alternatives enable everyone to walk more, travel by bicycle, and use public transportation more—in other words, to get around in ways that improve health, expand access to opportunity, and reduce toxic pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

Healthy, equitable transportation policy is forged and implemented in concert with sustainable land use planning. Together, they encourage and support high-density, mixeduse, mixed-income metropolitan development and affordable housing with good access to transportation options. Together, they focus, particularly, on underserved and economically isolated communities.

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3 Responses to “The Transportation Prescription”

  • Dan Lavoie says:

    Thanks for the shout (and the Tweet)! If you have any questions about the report, please let me know.
    –Dan Lavoie

  • Alan says:

    It’s my pleasure, Dan. Thanks for the great work you’re doing!

    Best regards,

  • nady says:

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