Gallery: Gerard’s Patria Roadster

Here is my Commuter/Randonneuse bike, a steel framed Patria Roadster. It’s a comfortable bike with a cool feeling.

  • 9 speed SRAM internal gear hub
  • Moon bar
  • Brooks B17 narrow saddle
  • SKS pedals with Soma clips
  • Nitto front and rear racks
  • Rear canvas bag from Rivendell
  • Grand Bois tires
  • and — very important — a japanese brass bell from Velo Orange

—Gerard (Loire Valley, France)

[This bike reminds me of my old Tour Easy —ed.]

12 Responses to “Gallery: Gerard’s Patria Roadster”

  • Daniel says:

    What chainring guard and what size chainring is on this bike?

  • Joe says:

    Such a cool looking bike! Great job.


  • Dottie says:

    Gorgeous bike!

  • Rick Steele says:

    Real beauty and great picts..

    Gold Country Cyclery

  • Luc says:

    Velotaff and now ecovelo! You’re everywhere Gerard ;-)
    Very nice bike

  • Gerard says:

    Hello everybody,
    thank’s for comments.
    crank is 42 tooth DURABI, with integrated alloy chain guard.
    Rear: 20 tooth (several sizes available – 20 is a good alround use number for me).
    Hub: SRAM I-motion 9 speed.
    All infos about the bike here, but only in German…

  • Gerard says:

    Hey Luc,
    love you site: “Et que ça roule”.
    But, why no place for message(s)?
    @ bientôt on “velotaf forum” site…

  • Georges says:

    Hi Gérard and Luc,

    Another velotaf member reading this very fine blog.

    Nice bike BTW, I can’t recall having seen it on ?

  • Gerard says:

    Hey Georges.
    Use “rechercher” and tag PATRIA or…

  • Charles says:

    Gerard: Thank you for the photos of your beautiful and classy bike. Also, merci for the introduction to velotaf. Brings back great memories of my two bike trips in France and my several other visits there. Charles

  • Alex says:

    hello Gerard, my girlfriend has a very similar Patria, same color and everything, only she has cantilever brakes, and very narrow tire clearance, which characterized the previous models. look like they’ve improved the 2009 model!

    the frame still has one curious detail: the seat tube higher than the head tube! or at least with a virtual ‘extension’.

    but Patria does make some great frames/ bikes! At roughly 500EUR for the frame, handmade in Germany, it’s a great value too.

    happy trails from Alex in Berlin!

  • Dan says:

    Great bike. Love the Rivendell bag. Any idea where I might be able to get my hands on that style? ta,=

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