Extreme Panda III

3 Responses to “Extreme Panda III”

  • Donald says:

    Let’s see. With this one you had the camera strapped to your foot while wearing sandals and set off the shutter with your big toe. Well…maybe you could reach down this far if you are really limber. Don’t hurt yourself out there trying to achieve the ultimate Extreme Panda.
    Sacramento, CA

  • tdp says:

    Now THAT is on the real low down! Very nice!

  • MitchK says:

    Very nice Alan. The perspective and path by theselves draw the eye in, but you get extra bonus points for also having blue sky, clouds, spoke motion blur, a touch of lens flare, that little rim starburst, and the sun accent on the tire. I could easily envision that shot as a magazine cover. Well done!


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