Bicycling in the Motor City

From the New York Times Opinion page:

While bike enthusiasts in most urban areas continue to have to fight for their place on the streets, Detroit has the potential to become a new bicycle utopia. It’s a town just waiting to be taken. With well less than half its peak population, and free of anything resembling a hill, the city and its miles and miles of streets lie open and empty, beckoning. And lately, whether it’s because of the economy or the price of gas or just because it’s a nice thing to do, there are a lot more bikers out riding.

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One Response to “Bicycling in the Motor City”

  • Cyclin Missy says:

    Wow! I grew up about a mile outside of Detroit, and I would love to see the city as a bicycle haven. Bike lanes, paths, good laws and people loving to bike. Maybe they could even keep the streets clear enough of snow to ride all winter. I’m excited to read about bike shops thriving in Detroit. A change in the economy – from auto to velo – might be just what the doctor ordered!

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