Minnehaha Canvas Grocery Bag Pannier

Grocery panniers are designed around the footprint of a standard grocery bag. They conveniently pop open to shape when needed, but fold flat against the bike when not in use. We find them indispensable and always keep one on each of our bikes as a catch-all carrier.

Most grocery panniers are made from nylon. They usually have either a metal frame and/or internal stiffeners and a flat bottom to support a grocery bag. I’ve used models from a few different manufacturers and they all worked reasonably well.

Nylon is a perfectly fine and functional material for use in bike bags, but canvas bags are a nice aesthetic touch on some bikes. Minnehaha Bag Company of Minneapolis manufactures bike bags from heavy duty canvas, nickel-plated steel, and leather. Their line-up includes many traditional bag shapes, but a pleasant surprise in their line-up is the Canvas Grocery Bag Pannier.

Like most other grocery panniers, the Minnehaha Canvas Grocery Bag Pannier folds flat when not in use, but quickly and easily pops open when needed. While shopping, the pannier can be hung from the top edge of a shopping cart, and its twin handles make it easy to carry even heavy loads. The build quality is excellent with an internal steel frame, nickel-plated steel snaps, and 18 oz. canvas throughout.

If you like the idea of a grocery pannier, but prefer traditional materials, the Minnehaha Canvas Grocery Bag Pannier is a unique, stylish, and well-made alternative to generic nylon grocery panniers.


  • Heavy-duty HDPE panels and steel folding frame stand up to heavy loads
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Steel top hooks
  • Adjustable quick-connect lower hook
  • Wide carrying handles
  • Detachable reflective tabs
  • MSRP: $44.99

Minnehaha@Hiawatha Cyclery

5 Responses to “Minnehaha Canvas Grocery Bag Pannier”

  • Jim says:

    If you’re cheap like me, and you don’t mind an ugly but easy way to carry grocery bags or other loads, you can use a bungee cord and any available rigid basket to make detachable carriers like these. It’s more grunge than chic, but it’s an idea! I do wish they folded up like the nice baskets you review here.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Oh cool, thank you for posting this review and pictures. I have been wondering about these after seeing them on the V-O website. They look quite good in your photos. How would you compare them in terms of functionality to the Basil Kavan pannier set?

  • Alan says:

    @Lovely Bicycle

    “How would you compare them in terms of functionality to the Basil Kavan pannier set?”

    They’re really apples and oranges.

    Grocery panniers are quick and convenient for throwing in a coat, a few books, or a bag of groceries. They’re lightweight and they snap out of the way when not in use. They’re built for light to medium loads. Most people only use one, then have some other type of full pannier or basket on the opposite side.

    The Kavan panniers are a set with connecting straps; they can’t be used singly. They’re less convenient to use with their double straps and lids, and they don’t fold up. Their main advantage is that they’re much heavier duty and will take quite heavy loads because you can balance the load between the two sides. They’re not at all easy to take on and off the bike, so most people will put them on and leave them.

    I hope that helps!

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Thanks for the comparison. Decisions decisions — Gosh this is difficult! My dream panniers are probably the Brooks roll-ups. On the expensive side, but so dreamy. It seems that the Minnehahas would make a good back-up set for more casual trips and easy on/off.

  • Neil says:

    I don’t think we have anything like grocery panniers in the UK. Possibly because we don’t have standard grocery bags (especially with varied reusable cloth ones becoming more common).

    I would however be very interested in something like this or a mini-freeloader type system for a normal size rack. If anyone knows of anything like this in the UK then please post here.

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