Hybrid Electrics at Best Buy

Starting this month, America’s largest electronics retailer, Best Buy, will be stocking hybrid electric bicycles from Currie Technologies and Ultra Motor, as well as electric motorcycles from Brammo. According to an article in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, Currie Technologies, the country‚Äôs biggest e-bike distributor, will provide Best Buy with six Izip models ranging in price from $499 to $2,000. This is Best Buy’s first move into the transportation sector and it bodes well for the budding e-bike market.

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  • Nate Briggs says:

    Hey Alan:

    Note also that electric bicycles are being listed for sale on the REI web site.

    Looks like the gravitational pull of the Baby Boom Generation is starting to be felt again.

    … Nate (SLC)

  • Stephan says:

    I think this is a very good thing because most bike shops sneer at electric bikes and the people that ride them. I really can’t understand that. Oh well.

    Best Buy could do a good job with ebikes. They have both mechanics and electronic techs on staff — ‘geek squad” and most people want to touch and test ride. I wonder if they are doing test rides? Does anyone know?

  • Ezip Bikes says:

    Yes its a great think to be able to see more and more electric bikes on big stores like bestbuy..

  • Alan says:


    Most stores can’t service what they sell. Seems like a great opportunity for enterprising LBS’s to pick up the slack.

  • GregV says:

    True. Best Buy can’t service pretty much anything they sell, except for computers. And I still wouldn’t have my computer serviced at Best Buy…

  • Alan says:


    Hybrid electric bicycles are a wonderful alternative to the automobile for those who may not be able to ride a regular bicycle for some reason. You may be young and strong, but many people who aren’t may benefit from hybrids (my 65 year-old Mother-in-Law with double knee replacements, for example). This topic was discussed at length if you’d care to consider other’s positions and add something of substance to the discussion:

    Hybrid Electric Discussion


  • Cyclin Missy says:

    I wonder why they’re listing it as a “men’s” bike. Does it really matter? Wouldn’t they sell more if they didn’t imply that it’s the wrong size or shape for half their shoppers?

    Just a thought.

  • Alan says:

    @Cyclin Missy

    They sell step-through styles as well. It’s horribly outdated nomenclature, but step-through bikes are sometimes called “women’s”, whereas high-top-tube models are sometimes called “men’s”. I’m with you; they should all just be called “bicycles”.

  • missdk says:

    Hybrid bikes are fantastic. We have one in our office that we’ve all been testing out and it really eliminates the difficulties that often deter us from commuting. The giant hill that leads up to my house no longer stops me from riding my bike to work.

  • Alan says:


    Yours is a perfect example of why these bikes are important. Purists and traditionalists may scoff at e-bikes, much in the same way they scoff at recumbents, but I’m 100% behind anything that gets people out of their cars and actively mobile.

  • Ahmet says:


    I ride an electric scooter to work and I bought mine from http://www.elecbikeco.com I absolutely love it… once I get to work I recharge it and ride home.


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