Hello, it’s nice to meet you

It’s always a blast to take a spankin’ new bike out for its first commute. Today it was the Breezer Uptown 8. First impressions? Solid, smooth, quiet… very nice. I’ll have a full report later this summer.

Breezer Uptown 8

7 Responses to “Hello, it’s nice to meet you”

  • donald stewart says:

    Boy that’s the shortest one I’ve seen, two lines and no responses. It must be summer.

  • bongobike says:

    Everybody’s out riding–except me, of course… :(

  • Cullen says:

    I hope you’re wearing rubber band on those pants you’re cycling in!

    Chainsuck Sucks (pun intended)…

    Cullen Carter – Bicyclist turned tricyclist
    Appleton, WI

  • Alan says:


    Ha! Not needed… full chain case.

  • Cullen says:

    Wow, very impressive!

  • Bruce says:

    I bought one of these (Uptown 8) for myself and the U-frame model for my wife in the spring of 2008. In large part I was encouraged by your website (followed you over from your recumbent blog – my other main bike is a Stratus XP). I commuted by bike for 12 years of school and 8 years of university but gave it up when I needed to do the shirt and tie thing for work.

    After 14 years of driving a car a mere 4 km to work because I couldn’t deal with the hassles of cycling in dress clothes (or having to change from cycling clothes to dress clothes) and the hassles of helmet hair over such a short cycling commute I finally came to see the light and decided to get an upright bike with a generator for the lights, a fully enclosed chaincase for the pantlegs and (*draws a sharp breath*) go helmet free (on quiet residential streets). What a liberating experience. I’m more energized at work, I don’t need coffee (although I still love one cup in the morning), I love my commute and I don’t have to deal with lycra, clipless pedals, or helmets (I still use all of these on my other bikes). It’s great. I even made it through a Northern Alberta winter on the bike.

    This bike is very complete as is. All I added was a mirror, upgraded the pedals for better grip in rain/snow (Grip Kings from Rivendell) and in the winter swapped the tires for some studded Schwalbes. I’ve never added so little to a bike before! I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences with this bike. Oh, and thanks for the great website!

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