SF Bike Plan Gets Green Light

After being held up for three years while an environmental study was conducted, San Francisco’s Bike Plan was finally approved by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board on Friday. The vote was unanimous, and barring any unforeseen obstacles, 45 of the 46 planned projects should move forward by this fall. This is great news for City bicyclists!

Read the story in the SF Chronicle

5 Responses to “SF Bike Plan Gets Green Light”

  • Eddie says:

    Good news indeed! Here’s a map of the projects:

  • lewis says:

    I find it funny that something that is usually used to hold up mining projects and oil drilling permits was used to delay a bunch of bike lanes.

  • Alan says:


    It was the work of Rob Anderson:

    Article on Anderson in the WSJ

  • Adrienne says:

    We are an occasional odd town. No getting around that. It will be interesting to see how long this takes to complete, as many of the roads that are planned for lanes will now have to be short listed for repaving in order to be paintable : )

  • Suck it Rob Anderson – SF Bike Plan approved after 3 years! | Bike Man Dan says:

    […] After three long years, the San Francisco Bicycle Master Plan was approved unanimously by SFMTA. In the plan, 34 miles of bike lane will be striped (to see where, check the map out). Rob Anderson, outspoken anti cyclist fiend, stymied the process in 2006 by forcing the city to review the environmental impact of the plan. If you think that combing a bicycle plan for potential bicycle harm is completely asinine and a waste of time and tax payer dollars, you’re not the only one. We can all happily say that the hiatus on bicycle projects in the city is finally coming to a close. Our friend Rob will no doubt appeal the decision but will be (hopefully) swiftly thwarted and the improvements will begin being laid out late summer, early fall. Source: SFGate.com – Board OKs all but one item of bike plan Referral: EcoVelo -  SF Bike Plan Gets Green Light […]

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