Amsterdam: Bikes Overtake Cars

For the first time, the bicycle trip share in Amsterdam has surpassed the automobile trip share. According to a report in Bike Europe, between 2005 and 2007, residents used their bikes 0.87 times per day and their cars 0.84 times per day. The number of trips by car has fallen 14% since 1990. In the city center, bike trip share is as high as 41%. Amazing.

Bike Europe

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  • cb says:

    That is all kinds of awesome.
    What an enlightened state.

  • David Hembrow says:

    It’s a higher rate of cycling than cities in any other country, and significant because it’s the biggest city and the capital of the country. However, it’s not a particularly high cycling rate for the Netherlands. Assen has 1.2 cycle journeys per person per day, Groningen has 1.4 cycle journeys per person per day. Many cities here have more bike journeys than car journeys.

  • Eddie says:

    This is so nice to read about and to see but the folks in the video are not in Amsterdam. They are in Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, according to the Flickr post. I wonder what CJPPPD it has – maybe even higher?

  • amsterdamize says:

    Utrecht has about a 33% cycle share, compared to around 40% in Amsterdam. Groningen has the highest in the Netherlands: 60%.

    These data were published 6 months ago (link to the Fietsberaad’s original post), which I blogged about around that time. Looks like Bike Europe had a few gaps to fill.

  • Jonathan says:

    Amsterdam is at the top of my list for international travel with my wife and two children as soon as my youngest is out of diapers. I would love for my children to see such a display in person (and so would I…). Can’t wait.

  • TedK says:

    Noticed few if any helmets

  • Jeff Lock says:

    Vision of the future after peak oil??
    I hope I live to see it.

  • Roland Smith says:


    Helmets are not mandatory in the Netherlands for commuting. They are mandatory for on- and off-road races. And young children are advised to wear helmets.

    Keeping cyclists and cars out of each others way with proper cycling infrastructure is a better idea that making helmets mandatory. Most serious accidents involving cyclists are between cars/trucks and cyclists.

    Drivers in the Netherlands are used to cyclists, and are taught to be mindful of them; obstruct a cyclist during your driving test and you fail. Under Dutch law a car driver involved in an accident with a cyclist is deemed responsible unless he can prove that the cyclist was behaving recklessly. I think that is fair. Someone driving a 2000 pound battering ram should bear more responsibility than someone driving a 20 pound bike.

  • Amsterdamize says:


    Just a few observations:
    “…for commuting.”‘? You mean “Helmets are not mandatory in the Netherlands.”, period, I’m sure :). Plus, there is no official policy / advise for children wearing helmets.

    Both the Fietsberaad and Fietsersbond (Cycle Council & Cyclists Union) maintain the position it shouldn’t be legislated or promoted by government. Of course this is only possible because infrastructure, education, legislation, (positive) promotion, funding and policies (as you mentioned) are up to par. Enforcing helmet use in this country would only lead to less cycling, thus less safety.

    Here’s a little helpful graph.

  • Eric says:

    “For the first time, the bicycle trip share in Amsterdam has surpassed the automobile trip share.”

    I don’t live in the Netherlands, but my impression was that in the past, bike/ trips used to be the majority, until cars started displacing them. I heard somewhere that bike lanes/paths were installed not to encourage biking, but to get the bikes off the roads to make room for cars. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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