Happy Father’s Day

We hope your day involves a favorite bike, a quiet backroad, a steady tailwind, and blue skies as far as the eye can see…

6 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day”

  • Marty Heyman says:

    How about my favorite rowboat on San Francisco Bay? Two and a half hours of light winds and good sunlight. At least as good!

  • Alan says:

    A rowboat excursion sounds awesome too! Horses for courses… :-)

  • John in Roseburg says:

    38 mile loop on our Co-Motion Speedster. Got rained on a little and had one encounter with an idiot motorist ( but I maintained my cool and did not internalize it so it’s all good ! ) All in all a good day.

    John in Roseburg

  • Jonathan says:

    Where was that lovely photo taken?

  • Alan says:


    Roseville, CA


  • Jeff says:

    Got in a 50+ miler up to Grass Valley where the wife and kids picked me up to go watch the Nevada City Classic. Lance winning the race was cool, but couldn’t compete with a great ride and spending time with my family. Happy Father’s Day.

    – Jeff

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