Vintage Fun, 2009

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  • Donald says:

    You are getting pretty good with those “one handed while underway” shots. Nice framing and sense of action. I would try this myself but I am afraid I would run into something.
    Sacramento, CA

  • Alan says:

    Thanks! I use a slow shutter speed, so we’re actually not going very fast…

  • Erich Zechar says:

    Ever try a real Polaroid? I doubt I’d be brave, or skilled, enough to hold it one-handed while biking. My Polaroid 110a I took the photo with weighs about 2 lbs!

  • Alan says:

    I had a Polaroid camera many moons ago, but I can’t imagine using one on a bike.


    PS – When I click on the link to your image I get a “This page is private” error.

  • Erich Zechar says:

    Try this link.

  • Eddie says:

    Joie de vivre! Trés jolie!

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