Stuff Haulers

“Actually this is just a place for my stuff, ya know? That’s all, a little place for my stuff. That’s all I want, that’s all you need in life, is a little place for your stuff, ya know? I can see it on your table, everybody’s got a little place for their stuff. This is my stuff, that’s your stuff, that’ll be his stuff over there. That’s all you need in life, a little place for your stuff. That’s all your house is: a place to keep your stuff. If you didn’t have so much stuff, you wouldn’t need a house. You could just walk around all the time.”

George Carlin said that. Every bicycle needs a little place for stuff too.

10 Responses to “Stuff Haulers”

  • A Bike Commuter says:

    Sometimes I find it helpful to subcategorize Stuff. There’s Stuff and there’s SYDN. SYDN is loosely translated as Stuff You Don’t Need. We all know what that is. The problem with SYDN is that it is often closely correlated with IW’s. An IW is Stuff I Want. But don’t need.

    I think one of the big problems we’ve got — with the economy, resource consumption, landfills, etc. — is that there is a lot of SYDN. And people have gotten IW’s confused with actual needs. Sure there is a lot of cool Stuff, but just ’cause you CAN buy it doesn’t mean you SHOULD buy it.

    I know it’s a cliche, but happiness comes not from getting what you want but from wanting what you have. And everyone one of us reading this blog has a lot. Peace.

    PS – It’s often fun to substitute ‘ride’ for ‘walk’ when reading.

  • charles says:

    Wow! I have been saying this type of thing for years. The more stuff you have the more imprisoned you are to it. I’ve always wondered what would happen if I became totally broke and had no way to even store my stuff, what the heck would I do with it? Carry it around with me? That would be impossible of course. An entire household with 30+ years of accumulated junk. Some of it could be sold or given away but most of it would end up on the street with me. What a predicament that would be! I’m liking the idea of slowly pairing down my stuff……..I don’t want my loved ones to have to deal with it someday.

  • Doug R. says:

    In regard to the posting about sydn and Iw diseases, I cannot agree more! At 52 years of age my gluttony for stuff has led me to a acronym of my own. I have Sith (unrelated to star wars).
    My Sith translated is: “Stuff I took home” . In additon, when you filter through my dyslexia and rearrange the letters I believe it translates correctly as – SHIT! I have too much Shit and so does everyone else. Corporate America thanks you!

  • Erik Sandblom says:

    These guys decided to sell a bunch of their stuff and do an epic bike journey. It appears the beauty of this is that you get to buy a bunch of other stuff! Best of both worlds! ;-)

    The Path Less Pedaled: Yardsale!

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Woa. What kind of pedals are those on the Civia?..

  • Alan says:

    @Lovely Bicycle

    Here you go:

    Rivendell Grip King

  • Jeff says:

    Old Cowboy Saying: If you can’t get all your s___ on a pack horse, you got too much s___. I suspect the same holds true for bikes.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Thanks for the link to the Rivendell Grip King pedals — I am in love!

  • kevinPDX says:

    George passed a year ago today, 06/22/09. Thanks for the memory Alan.

  • donald stewart says:

    I too have too much SITH but I am fond of most of mine and not ready to part with very much of it. I really enjoy taking photographs and looking through my telescope and riding my bike and paddling my kayak. I am also happy when I just go for a long hike taking along only basic self care gear. I don’t need any of this stuff to exist but most of it enhances my enjoyment of the things I do and admittedly sometimes it gets in the way.

    I like the idea of renting more and owning less but often find that what I want is not available for rent at an affordable rate and certainly not at a convenient location. I delight in listening to music through several different media and making music ergo piano guitar and clarinet and I have certainly been enjoying this blog, available only through my computer, the last few weeks. Could I do without any of this, yes in a heartbeat! Would I choose to now that I have spent the last 37 years working and acquiring?

    I may at some point and certainly have a very short list of stuff I still want to get but no unless there was some radical alteration in my situation I would not divest myself of much of it and most of it is so well worn and used that no one would give me much for it. I haven’t even mentioned my bicycles or tools, bird books or maps.

    Perhaps there is a business opportunity here renting out the stuff one only uses a few times a year. The problem is a lot of it is seasonal and everyone wants it at the same time and people abuse rental stuff horribly.

    I admire people who are truly happy with very little and I have always enjoyed what I had and been willing to share it with others who were willing to take care of it and return it but I am not ready to simplify yet.

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