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I’ve said many times that a lack of secure bicycle parking is a major reason we don’t see more people using bicycles for transportation (particularly for commuting). According to an article in today’s New York Times, the city government is taking steps to remedy the situation in New York.

“You have to reach a certain critical mass for this to work, and we’re there,” said Amanda M. Burden, the city planning commissioner. The new zoning requirements, adopted in April, include one bike space for every two residential units in buildings with more than 10 apartments, or for every 7,500 feet of commercial office space. In other words, if the Empire State Building had been built under the new rules, it would have around 350 bike spaces.

The impetus behind the new zoning requirements is a City Department of Planning survey which found a lack of bike parking the primary reason more people aren’t commuting by bike (read the report →).

Councilman David Yassky is currently pushing a bill that would grant bicyclists access to all office buildings in the city (read Intro. 0038-2006 Fact & Support Sheet →). He’s confident he has the votes to get the bill passed within the next few weeks. Here’s an excerpt from the fact sheet:

Intro. 38 will amend the city’s administrative code to require building owners and managers to (i) evaluate reasonable ways by which employees may access their building with a bicycle and (ii) determine possible locations within the building for bicycle storage.

Hallelujah! Now, hopefully, the example being set in New York will have an influence on planners in other cities across the country.

Read the article in the NYT

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  • AJ says:

    City of Sac has a bunch of money left for racks. Call 311 while you are in the city for details.

  • Elaine Nelson says:

    In this part of the country it’s not just secure parking, but the lack of weather-appropriate parking that’s a problem. For example, my doctor’s office has nice bike racks in a very visible spot…but completely uncovered. So I lock my bike to a pick-up/drop-off shelter most of the year.

  • John Gear says:

    My county courthouse was attacked by a huge pickup driven into the front at high speed by a disgruntled (to say the least) guy — so naturally, the rebuilt courthouse is a fricking Fort Knox of barriers and such aimed at preventing exactly the same attack from occurring in exactly the same way from exactly the same direction. Security Theatre, basically.

    But what they also did was create a huge covered (by parts of the upper structure) space up front, which is where the smokers stand to huff their cigarettes in the Oregon rainy season (Jan 1 – Dec. 31).

    I was locking my bike to a bike rack — placed well away from the building — when a downpour started, so I grabbed my bike and started heading for the front of the building, where the smokers were, intending to lock my bike up under cover.

    A uniformed rent-a-cop waddled out and told me that I had to take my bike back to the bike rack; I pointed to the rain and the smokers and said “What’s wrong with under cover.” She said that I could either take my bike back out into the rain or a deputy sheriff could come arrest me.

    But, hey, I could probably carry whole ounces of C4 explosive on my bike —- unlike the cars who go into the underground garage where the judges enter (protected by a 1/2″ piece of painted wood on an entry gate), which could carry tons of C4.

    Good thing we’ve got the bicyclist threat under control!!

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  • Andy K says:

    This is so true. I love to bike on errands around town, and one of my biggest concerns is will my bike be secure. In the Bay Area, we are spending $100 million to build a bike lane on the new Bay Bridge between Oakland and Treasure Island (only 1/2 way to SF, with no way to get the rest of the way.) How many secure bike parking facilities could be provided for this much cash?

  • daniel runyan says:

    Thanks for the video. We can do it.
    I am fortunate enough (and proud) to work @ mercy general hospital here in sacramento, ca. where we were just recognized as the #1 bicycle friendly company in the tri-county area (including Davis!). not only bike parking/storage but lockers, meal tickets, lbs coupons, showers, and free jerseys. employees ride in on everything from beach cruisers to velomobiles!

    daniel Runyan

  • AJ says:

    Daniel, technically Mercy won for the six county greater Sacramento region. I’ll be there today to present the award actually!

  • daniel runyan says:

    thanks for the the correction. wish I could make it.

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