3 Responses to “Panda”

  • Erich Zechar says:

    okay, who came up with the term “panda shot” and what does it refer to exactly? I know it means taking a photo of yourself while riding, but there’s a connection here that I’m not getting.

  • Alan says:

    From the Panda Portrait group:

    “Why are these called “pandas?” Well, ya see, there’s this rad chick who goes by the name faster panda kill kill. She takes rad self-portraits while riding her bike. They are so rad, in fact, that a group was formed to record similar self-portraits cuz, really, just about anyone who has a camera and rides bikes also takes these self-portraits.”

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  • Duncan Watson says:

    I love pandas. I take quite a few of them. Shadow pandas and mirror pandas are my favorite.

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