The Lake Harriet Bike Club

Lake Harriet Community School third-grade teacher Derek Carlson has been leading groups of students on organized bike rides around Lake Harriet for four years now. From the Southwest Journal:

On a warm spring afternoon, the bicycle racks outside the upper campus of Lake Harriet Community School are crammed with scores of child-size bicycles.

The afternoon bell rings and students rush out to claim their rides —except for about 20 students who wait in the school’s lobby for third-grade teacher Derek Carlson. It’s Tuesday afternoon, so that means it’s time for another meeting of the Lake Harriet Bike Club.

Derek emphasizes fun over fitness, saying he tries to “pass on the sense of fun and freedom he felt as a young rider”. Along with the bike club, he also started Lake Harriet’s bike maintenance class and organized a bike sharing program for students who can’t afford a bicycle but would like to participate. Way to go Derek!

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