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Greenomanic asked this question over at Daily Kos:

“Who isn’t bike commuting, and why not?”

So far, 167 people have responded. The number one reason given is “I live more than 15 miles from work.” Second is “There is not a safe route available.”

It’s the same old story: sprawl and a lack of bicycling infrastructure continue to be the most difficult obstacles we face.

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  • Geis says:

    I happen to live exactly 15 miles from work, with a big, traffic-unpleasant hill in the way. I have ridden all the way to and from work but it takes quite a long time and I don’t enjoy it so I split the difference. I drive part way in and then bike the rest of the way. It’s not a perfect solution but it does cut the gas money I spend commuting in half.

    There. No real excuse.

  • Carolyn Ibis says:

    Good to know that problem is universal. We def have that prob here where I live…

  • charles says:

    I work 20+ miles away and rode it today on my single speed. Its half hilly as I live in the foothills of Mt. Rainier. I’m 50 years old and more than 50 pounds overweight too so I think quite a few riders are possibly wimping out. A partial commute is often the best alternative for commutes over 10 miles. I don’t ride the full route daily but I do a partial route instead. A safe route is a problem I suppose but that depends on your definition too.

  • Greg says:

    Multi-modal is the way to go for tackling sprawl and unsafe routes. I’m not in the best shape, but I know the bus and train routes along my commute like the back of my hand. In case of injury, bike malfunction, rain, or whatever – I can switch my mode and still get to work or home. I have ~14 mile commute one way. I use public transportation to get around the dangerous roads in my suburban neighborhood, later hooking up with a multi-use path for the remaining ~10 miles. In the morning I take the train most of the way, biking the final ~3 miles. So far I’ve paid off about 25% of my bike in reduced use of public transit alone. I know that not everyone will have the multi-modal options, but in a dense area a little investigation can reveal a world of opportunities for cyclocommuting.

  • andreas@londoncyclist says:

    There is such a huge multitude of reasons why people don’t cycle. Be an awesome idea if all the bike blogs out there could link to 1 survey and see what results we would get – though that would definitely not be a representative sample!

    I think that its not so much about “safe route does not exist” I think its more that people are not comfortable using the existing routes – which with a little bit of training could give the confidence boost people need. I know in London the LCC offers such a service. I felt a little weary the first time on my bike in London but eventually you just grow used to it and you forget why you didn’t do it in the first place.

  • What I’ve been reading says:

    […] isn’t bike commuting and why not – 18% say because there is not a safe route available (Via EcoVelo who have recently reached 1,000 posts!). Don’t they realise that gardening is more dangerous than […]

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