Sometimes You Get What You Need

“You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes, you just might find
You get what you need”

People who know me, know that a flashy single-speed/fixie is not necessarily my taste in bikes, but as fate would have it, an SE Lager unexpectedly fell into our laps at precisely the right moment (read about it here). See, we’ve been encouraging our daughter to start riding again, but like any kid her age would be, she’s more than a little embarrassed to be seen on her Dad’s nerdy commuter bikes. Apparently, SE has done their homework and understands their demographic well, because unlike the various Civias, Pahsleys, and Surlys hanging around the EcoVelo compound—all of which were rejected by the teen crowd—the Lager passes muster with flying colors. We’re looking forward to seeing the kid on a bike again — thanks SE!

SE Lager

Many thanks to Princeton Tec and SE Bikes for hosting the “Got Lights on Bikes” photo contest and providing the grand prize SE Lager shown above.

19 Responses to “Sometimes You Get What You Need”

  • Simon N says:

    It’s certainly… anodised, isn’t it? :)

    My brother has a 2007 of these, and while they’re a bit whippy feeling for out-of-the-saddle riding, they’re a simple and sensibly specced ‘cross-town commuter. The older models had bar end brake levers – which in my experience make the bullhorns a little more practical and a little less vestigal – but despite that change you can’t fault it for a fair weather A to B machine.

  • Simon N says:

    Also – I believe the traditional method for propping up a fixie/ss for a photo shot is to flop it to the fixed cog and put a brick under the pedal. You wouldn’t want to harm that brand new street cred!

  • placid casual says:

    that looks great and a fantastic prize for an on-line competition like that.
    i was runner-up to you in the competition (quite rightly too) and i’m looking forward to seeing what crumpler usa have put in the post to me…

  • Thomas Barone says:


    It’s not necessairly a cultural thing that goes with younger the generation. At 67yrs old i have a Fuji Track Obey . It’s all black with gold anodizing . I hope your daughter learns to enjoy the ride as much as i have!

    Your’s is way cool

  • Matthew Allen says:

    Lucky girl! Make sure she tries it fixed – it might seem daunting at first but it’s so much fun.

  • Robert Frith says:

    I dunno, the whole fixie thing is beyond me. My second bike was a Malvern Star 5 Star track frame , dog knows how old, single speed with back pedal brake. I got it when I was 12 (mid 70’s) and kept it till I was 20. It’s later iteration as a 10 speed with lightweight Shimano bits was it’s better iteration.

    I rode (by choice, there was a school bus) about 10 miles to school most days. Once I had gears on that beast I rode a whole lot of other places as well.

    Simplicity is cool. So are gears if you live in a hilly town!

  • Lewis says:


    Hopefully you can admit that its a sweet looking bike even if you don’t want to ride it.

  • bongobike says:

    I went through the same thing with my teenager. He quit riding for a long time, but started right back when all his friends got into the fixie craze. Now that he has a girlfriend and has graduated from HS, he’s forgotten all about riding again. The natural cycle of cycling?

  • Alan says:


    It’s growing on me. :-) Bikes are like food, art, music, and beer; everyone’s taste is different and there’s no right or wrong. I’m just glad we have such variety…

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  • Alan says:


    But you’re young and hip at heart!! :-)

  • Alan says:

    @Simon N

    “You wouldn’t want to harm that brand new street cred!”

    When it comes to street cred, I’m hopeless… LOL.

  • donald stewart says:



  • Brian says:

    While athletic young women on sporting bikes do look hot, on more relaxed bikes they just look so . . . european. Oooh la la! So you might want to suggest to your daughter that the nerdy commuter look has much more to do with the appearance of the rider than the machine. And that the more time she spends on any kind of bike, the more oooh la la she will look.

  • cafn8 says:

    Are those (GASP) fender bosses I see? Let’s hope she doesn’t see those. Something so practical could really ruin one’s reputation in certain social circles- or so I would guess.

  • Androo says:

    It’s funny, as much as I love bikes in nearly all their incarnations, I just can’t stand that aesthetic. Though this is coming from the guy who’s done nearly everything in his power besides ruining the paint to dorkify his Coda Sport to make it less appealing to thieves…

  • Robert says:

    Put a Brooks saddle on it, and I would ride it :) I keep seeing these down town and have to say that I like them….a lot actually in a hip/retro/cool/sexy kind of way.

  • Barbara Kilts says:

    My 20 year old daughter is starting a supported cross country ride tomorrow – riding on a 27 speed sport bike. Her boyfriend rides a flashy fixie (he’s not going on the trip) – she thinks it’s kind of silly, but he sure can climb the hills! Oh, she’s also got a fine Brooks seat to keep her proper style!

    To quote a fellow in the recumbent crowd – The right bike is the one you ride!


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