After the Storm

Just the other day I was commenting to a photographer friend that our lush spring light was gone for the year. Then, last night, the most freakish, but beautiful thunderstorm I’ve ever seen rolled through the area. We reportedly had over 1000 lightning strikes overnight and I don’t doubt it. The remnants of the storm were still in the sky this evening and we were treated to what may be the last little bit of springtime light before the harsh light of summer takes over until fall.

2 Responses to “After the Storm”

  • john says:

    wonderful, just wonderful. how are you actually getting the LED’s to show up? is it just such a long exposure then?

  • Alan says:

    Thanks, John. Yes, it’s a relatively long exposure; in this case 1/10 sec. You can view the EXIF data here if you’ like:

    EXIF Data


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