Twice in One Day

We were just informed that we dropped in at #16 on London Cyclists’ “Top 50 Cycling Blogs” list, and before we had a chance to say “cool”, we stumbled upon our name in Michael Deme’s list of favorite bike blogs in his “Letter from the Editor” column in the most recent issue of Adventure Cyclist Magazine (Michael is the editor). OK, now we’ll say it… “Cool.” Thanks for the props y’all.

4 Responses to “Twice in One Day”

  • Rob Mackenzie says:

    Congratulations… #16! That’s huge… and some of the folks you surpassed really tops too!

  • andreas@londoncyclist says:

    Congratulations guys! Very impressive performance. Will be following your blog closely to check out more awesome updates. Was not surprised to see ecovelo come so high its such a great blog!

  • Donald says:

    Congratulations. Overall you may be 16 (higher in my book) but your photography is #1. Your resource links along the right are really shaping up nicely and it is fun to run through them now and then to see what is going on. I think I am ready for a really cool roadster for those Second Saturday night rides.

    Sacramento, CA

  • Rick says:

    Congratulations. I’m one of the lucky ones that knows Alan and Michael personally. You don’t do anything without tremendous commitment, talent and hard work. I know this blog will only get more famous in time. It’s number one for me.

    Best wishes,
    Rick Steele
    Gold Country Cyclery

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