D.C. Bike Commuters Get Covered Parking

It’s good to see that some D.C. bike commuters are now benefitting from covered bike parking, with more facilities to come in the future. From wtop.com:

SHIRLINGTON, Va. – What will it take to get you riding a bicycle instead of driving a car? Leaders in one local community think they’ve found a way.

A special covered parking area for bikes is now open at the Shirlington Transit Station in Arlington. “We will ultimately have maps of the county’s trail network,” says Transportation Director Dennis Leach, “as well as a bike pump to fill your tires.”

It means you can lock up your bike, and not worry about it getting wet in the rain or broiling hot in the sun while you walk around Shirlington or catch a bus out of the area.

The shelter, which fits about 28 bikes, is a first in the county, and similar shelters are planned at most county Metro stops.

While these kinds of shelters aren’t common in the United States, they are commonplace overseas. “This is pretty standard in places like Denmark and in the Netherlands,” says Dennis.


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