Sometimes the rhythm of turning cranks and spinning wheels can be almost hypnotic.

5 Responses to “Daydream”

  • ksteinhoff says:

    One of the things I like about night riding is the feeling I’m completely isolated in a little cocoon of light. It’s always neat to look down and see my legs pistoning up and down, sweating and glowing in the scatter light from the headlamps. Even the chain makes a whir, whirring sound I don’t notice in the daytime.

    Yep, hypnotic and magic.

  • bongobike says:

    Yeah, get in that groove and zone out. I love it!

  • Andy K says:


    Night riding – cool too.

  • john says:

    i agree night riding can be a wonderful experience, expect when its in the rain through the edges of the Adirondack park with no lights, at all anywhere. man that was an experience, i swear i was pumping 25+mph on a flat surface and 15+ going uphill. i think there is a sense of exploration of the unknown when riding at night, even on paths and areas that you know very well. wonderful picture btw!

  • SS:MtnBiker says:

    I would say “most” times,not “some”times :)

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