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We were pleasantly surprised (actually, “shocked” is more like it) to learn that one of our photos was awarded “Best Overall” in Princeton Tec’s “Got Lights On Bikes” photo contest. Here’s a little background from PT:

OK, we all know how to ride a bike, use bike lights and work a camera. Here’s your chance to take all three, do something creative and win free gear and maybe even a new singlespeed bike. All you have to do is enter.

Starting on March 1, Princeton Tec’s “Got Lights On Bikes” photo contest gives you -the amateur bike-loving photog – the opportunity to put your skills to work. The catch: send us your best digital shots of anything involving lights on bikes. On the pavement, in traffic, on the trail, near the creek, outside the bagel shop, on the train, in the rain, near the beach … it doesn’t matter, you choose the medium – just make sure there are lights on the rig!

The contest attracted over 300 entries and the result is a very interesting collection of nighttime bike photos from around the world. You can view the entries here.

The SE Lager — A “Cool” Bike

Funny related story… One of our daughters was quite a bike rider when she was younger—she even considered racing at one point—but now that she’s a teenager, bikes are no longer on her radar. I think it probably has something to do with boys and looking cool (teenagers!). What I found out though, is that not all bikes are uncool. When I showed her a photo of the SE Lager single speed bike we won in the contest, her eyes lit up and she dropped a hint that it’s a bike she might consider being seen on. Apparently it’s only our geeky ultility bikes that don’t make the cut… LOL.

Got Lights On Bikes Flickr Pool
Contest Winners
SE Bikes
Princeton Tec

15 Responses to “Got Lights On Bikes”

  • William says:

    Wow way to go! The prize bike looks pretty nice as well, only it seems to be missing fenders and a rack?

  • Reuben says:

    That bike does look pretty badass….

  • Ben says:

    You can mount fenders, but putting a rack on that bike would be a crying shame. The correct cargo compartment for that is a messenger bag.

  • Fritz says:

    Congratulations, man. The SE Lager seems pretty popular in the South Bay.

  • ksteinhoff says:

    Congrats. And I don’t think that’s anywhere close to being your best bike shot. Still, it was good enough to win.

    As far as teenage girl riders, there IS hope.

    I rode with my brother’s MS-150 team back in MO a couple of years. The first year, a number of teenage girls were riding because their boyfriends were.

    The next year, the girls were back; the boys were history.

  • Alan says:

    Hey, thanks all.


  • James says:

    Congrats on the win. I think the shot that you entered looks very nice…and I had a feeling that you were going to win all along.

    I hope your daughter enjoys the prize bike. Hopefully it will get her on two wheels again.

  • Madness says:

    Winners! That’s great. Great photo, as always.

    That’s interesting that your girl has shunned cycling. Hard to resist the fixie lure though. Maya loves any bike that screams DUTCH COMMUTE. She was drooling over a skirt guard last week. She loves the look of the fixies too , but when it comes to riding, the straighter the back and the slower the speed the better as far as she’s concerned. Your girl will be rolling along in no time.

  • Robert says:

    a few piercing, a messenger bag, an I-pod, and a boy friend you don’t like….all we be good with a fixie

  • Alan says:


    I’ll get right on that… ;-)

  • Thomas Barone says:

    Congratulations Alan, i too have a ” cool bike” almost exactly the same as your prize bike. They are a ton of fun to ride and will ” keep you humble ” The younger generation lov’em isn’t any reason for us to not enjoy as well. Good luck with the new ride.

  • Donald says:

    Congratulations on the photo contest win. The great photography and your refined blogging skills are the reason I keep coming back.
    Sacramento, CA

  • Alan says:

    Thank you very much, Donald.


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