Meet Veronica Moss, A.U.T.O. Lobbyist


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  • DeltaTrike says:

    While this is really funny, there is one line that is serious – or should be taken seriously by EcoVelo readers – the line about bikers being the pimple on the but of a city (Ithink) due to cutting in and out in front of cars. Since I have been trying to educate myself on cycling matters, I have noticed this quite a bit just about everywhere I drive and not from only teenagers. Not only is this rampant unpredictablity terribly unsafe, but it leads to the “that’s why we hate em” sentiments from car folk. Great video! Thanks!

  • janfrid says:

    Sorry, that’s not funny at all- it’s sickening.

  • DeltaTrike says:

    Well, I’m not so sure what is sickening….is it the actuality that this video parody was clearly making fun of people with this car-only mindset and you missed the point; was it that in fact, it is the attitude of some cyclists and their road behavior that casues people to hate them and by extension cyclists in general; or is it that some people refuse to see the world as it actually is choosing instead to see it only as they wish it was? Houston is not known as cyclist haven by any means, but we are making progress. We have a pro-bike mayor and a very dedicated bike-pedestrian coordinator that are working very hard to change the attitude of Houstonians toward cyclists. Read this post from the Houston Chronicle – – the road hog- disregard traffic courtesy, much less obey the law, attitude of many – clearly not all or even most – cyclsits does more to hinder the bicycle as replacement transportation movement than any Pro-Car lobbist (fake as Veronica Moss or real). I have engaged cyclists that I see doing really stupid and injurious things to be mindful of the consequences for their actions and talk about vicious retorts – profanity, hand gestures, mouth foam, all of it!! How dare I ask that cyclists be good ambassadors and follow they law? There are sickening attitudes all around this issue.

  • peddlin fool says:

    Thanks for the laugh I Loved it! Very Funny

  • digitalmouse says:

    Delta- the weaving in-n-out needs to be trained out of cyclists. We have the right to use the road with cars and should share the same space -as safely as possible. Weaving in-n-out is just dangerous and fairly stupid.

    Keep up the great blogging!

  • Fergie says:

    Oh man that was creepy..

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