Clean Ponies

I hope you had a wonderful holiday today. Our festivities wrapped up early, but the afternoon was so beautiful and the weather was so perfect that we couldn’t bring ourselves to sit around inside the house, so we spent the afternoon hanging out in the backyard. Being one of those people who has a tough time sitting still, I became antsy pretty quickly so I took the opportunity to wash the bikes. With a bucket of warm, soapy water and a hose it took all of 30 minutes to clean all four. They won’t stay that way long, but there’s something nice about a bike room full of sparkling machines. My wife wanted me to point out that there are four bikes in our stable (plus a tandem that we share), but only one of them is hers. She still doesn’t understand why someone would need 3 1/2 bikes. What I don’t understand is how someone could be satisfied with just one!

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  • Tim says:

    Mine (stable, that is) has grown to well over 3.5. I must say some of them are less loved than others, but on any given day it might be just the set of wheels for the job. You can never have too many, only too little space.

  • Ian Camera says:

    Hmmm. Can’t sit still, you say? I’d never have guessed ;-)

  • SS:MtnBiker says:

    You have some cool bikes there to wash! :) And I feel ya,my wife doesn’t ride,and can’t fathom why bikes (ridable or not) overtake the homefront :p.

    30 minutes to wash all 4? I wish! Here’s how my 29er looks after a typical ride this time of year (admittedly,my SS mtn bike,being used mostly for road duty,doesn’t take nearly as long)…

    Click Here

  • John Climaldi says:

    Aloha Alan! Just curious what kind of bars you run on your Surly? I am building up a Surly Travelers Check, and want to outfit it with similar ones. Love the bend!

    All the best.

  • john says:

    there is something about a nicely cleaned bike i must say. i take much longer then 30 to clean mine (and its not even mine! its a uni bike share bike, but like a dork i totally clean it every month) anyway i find old used toothbrushes are brilliant, esp since you dont have to muck up a bit of cloth and they really can work to gently scrub without scrapping up the bike, plus you throw them out anyway so why not reuse for a bit longer! :P

    that reminds me i think i need to clean mine again…

    just tell the wife that at least its not 4 cars sitting on blocks waiting to be restored, the bikes take up much less room ;)

  • 2whls3spds says:

    3.5 by a factor of 10… :-P

    Wife doesn’t understand either.


  • Steve Fuller says:

    After company left. I cleaned one bike and remounted one of the rubbermaid rails I use to hang my bikes on. I have 9 of them off the ground now, including the tandem. i put up another rail to store spare wheelsets on.

  • HowardBollixter says:

    For the past couple of years I have hardly used the car, but when it was my primary vehicle I never washed it. Rainwashing would be sufficient, I didn’t care if it was shiny or not. My bikes though, get kept clean, tidy, and tuned. They are just a more personal attachment, somehow.

  • Scott Wayland says:

    My wife gave me this line: Buy you can only ride one at a time. She clearly doesn’t get it, although she does love to ride, and we tour together every year. I, too, have 3.5 bikes. Spouses and girlfriends should be limited to one. BIkes are for stables, harems, deeply polygamous romps!


  • Alan says:

    @John Climaldi

    “Aloha Alan! Just curious what kind of bars you run on your Surly? I am building up a Surly Travelers Check, and want to outfit it with similar ones. Love the bend!”

    Hey John,

    It’s been a while – I hope all is well in paradise!

    The bars are Nitto “North Roads” in CroMo. If you plan to use bar-ends, you’ll want to be sure to get the CroMo – it’s my understanding that the alloy version may not accept bar-ends.

    Take care!

  • Ant says:

    Once upon a time I would have wondered why someone needed more than one bike too. Now, after ditching the car, I find myself with 4 and haven’t been able to reconcile a way to get below 3 without compromising what I need on a regular basis or more cost than the bikes I have. There’s the folding/commuter bike, the cargo/kid hauler and the winter bike. The Xtracycle could probably do double duty but a beater singlespeed is cheaper than replacing ruined parts or an IGH with a lot of range. The 4th bike is an older V-Rex I picked up used to give my back/neck/arms a break from the DF. Once I got the RANS Dynamik for the Xtracycle it became expendable but one extra bike isn’t that much of a luxury (or at least that’s what I tell my wife ;) ). It makes it easier to justify to her that all told I’ve spent less than half of what we sold the car for on bikes and accessories. Heck, if you look that it that way maybe a 5th bike is in order :) .


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