Ride, Compete, Connect: Greenlight

Greenlight is an online portal for bicycle commuters that enables riders to track their miles while competing in bike commuting “leagues”. From Greenlight:

Welcome to Greenlight, your portal to a world of cycling, competition and community. Part online game, part real-world sport, Greenlight transforms your ordinary commute into a high-stakes scramble to rack miles and leave your rivals grinding their granny gears. Whether you want to set new personal goals or team up with others to conquer the world, Greenlight helps you do it—one ride at a time.

You can sign up as an individual to track your personal miles, or if you’d like to participate in the competition, you can join one of the teams and your miles will contribute to the team total. I set up an EcoVelo team; right now I’m the lone team member, but I’d love to have some team mates if you’re interested.

Greenlight is by far the best mileage logging application I’ve seen, with teams, leagues, a forum, and many cool features that streamline the data entry process. Plus, I like the fact that the site is oriented toward commuters and utility bicyclists.


4 Responses to “Ride, Compete, Connect: Greenlight”

  • Vladimir Zlokazov says:

    I wonder how do they reveal the cheaters if there’re any?

  • rich says:

    Is there an iphone app in the works maybe?

  • DeltaTrike says:

    I applied for membership on the EcoVelo Greenlight team……I hope I make it!

  • A Bike Commuter says:

    Interesting. Someone figured out how to take an uncompetitive activity (e.g., bike commuting) and make it competitive.

    I am reminded of the story about the zen master and three of his bike riding students. One day the master asks his students why they ride a bike. The first replies, “I ride to get in shape”. The second says, “I like to see how hard I can push myself”. The third responds, “I ride because I like to ride my bike”. The master says to the third, “I would like to be your student”.

    I wish good luck to the folks at GreenLight, but it’s not for me. I’m just going to ride my bike.

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