The Great NYC Commuter Race

For the 5th year in a row, a bicyclist beat a subway rider and a cab passenger across New York in Transportation Alternatives’ annual Great NYC Commuter Race. The bicyclist, a librarian from Brooklyn, covered the 4.2 mile commute from Sunnyside, Queens to Columbus Circle in just over 20 minutes. The subway rider rolled in 15 minutes later, followed by the cab another 12 minutes after that. The race took place yesterday and started at 7:00am during rush hour. The Commuter Race once again demonstrated why the bicycle is such a great way to get around in a dense, traffic-choked, urban environment.

New Yorkers have the longest commutes in the country (averaging over 45 minutes), but bicyclists in the city fare much better with commute times hovering at around 30 minutes.

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5 Responses to “The Great NYC Commuter Race”

  • Eddie says:

    That’s great news again but they never tell you if the winning commuter was allowed to bring his bike into the office building, had a bike rack to lock up to, had his bike stolen while at work and was dead last getting home…. just pouring fat into the fire folks!

  • Roland Smith says:

    Reminds me of a top gear episode where they did a simalar race through London between a car, bicycle, public transport and a powerboat. The bike won, the car came last.

    Of course Top gear tends to be a bit semi-serious about these things, but events like these show the suitability of bicycles as urban transport. and if a sizable fraction of city-dwellers would use bicycles instead of cars, it would do local air quality a lot of good, I think.

  • DeltaTrike says:

    I would also like to know if the cyclist was LAB compliant or rode messenger-crazy through traffic?

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  • Alan says:


    The bicyclist was Horace Mann School librarian Rachel Myers, who was described as “notorious for slow, courteous riding.” I doubt she was riding “messenger-crazy”, though she looks pretty excited about winning the race (in street clothes, no less).

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