Chu Back in the Saddle

Steven Chu (center)

Energy Secretary Steven Chu is an avid bicyclist, bike advocate, and long time bike commuter. Unfortunately, his new job in the Obama administration has kept him off of his bike due to security concerns.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Secretary Chu went against the advice of his security detail last week and rode his bike to work on Bike-to-Work Day (on a Colnago C40, no less), stopping along the way to appear as a special guest at a Washington Area Bicyclist Association event.

The secretary rode about 10 miles to Freedom Plaza, a few blocks from the Department of Energy’s national headquarters, to attend as a special guest for the Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s annual Bike to Work Day.

It’s only the second work commute for the secretary since the Secret Service apparently doesn’t like him on the capital’s roads. But last weekend he clocked 47 miles on the Colnago.

You go, Secy. Chu. I’m thrilled to have a serious bicyclist (and Nobel Prize winner in physics) as our Secretary of Energy.

5 Responses to “Chu Back in the Saddle”

  • roy says:

    DC must really be a dangerous place.

  • Greg says:


    The roads in DC specifically are typical city roads. Bike lanes exist in many places; traffic is heavy (and commuters from the suburbs can be aggressive, not being familiar with cyclists in the roads); numerous parked cars threaten to door you; etc. The security problems alluded to in the office have more to do with Chu being a “high value” target than crime level, etc.

  • Madness says:

    Chu’s hot.

  • Sweet William says:

    DC is a dangerous place. Typical US balkanised and freeway’d city. But Chu’s reall problem is that the Men in Black won’t ride pushbikes

  • brad says:

    From what I’ve read, Chu hasn’t found a lot to love about his new job and the fact that he can no longer bike to work is only one of his frustrations. I think he’s the person we need for the job, but I don’t think the job is quite right for him…my guess is that he might stick it out for Obama’s first term, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves sooner. I think he’d be happier as a senior energy advisor than as head of DOE.

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