Any Ol’ Day Will Do

A normal day, bicycling to work.

Wow, the weather has been beautiful for bike commuting in NorCal and the timing couldn’t be better with “Bike to Work Day” festivities taking place this week and next. If you’re new to bicycle commuting, we hope you have an awesome experience that motivates you to stick with it after the festivities die down. As much as we support the idea of a special day to bring attention to bike commuting, we believe that the many personal and societal benefits of riding a bicycle for transportation make every day a good day to leave the car at home.

8 Responses to “Any Ol’ Day Will Do”

  • Greg T says:

    It was a beautiful BtWD here in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well. The day started out a bit cloudy and cool, but by the time I got to work the clouds were breaking up and it was a sunny day with blue skies.

    I got started late today as I had to get the kids to school, but the folks at the “Energizer Station” at which I stopped said they’d had about 100 bikers stop by. That’s a lot more than I typically see on my commute, so there were definitely people taking advantage of the Officialness of the Day.

  • Kyle says:

    Weather was beautiful today for bike to work day!

    Just another day riding one bike to BART (Surly Steamroller), taking BART, and riding the next bike (Surly CrossxCheck) to work. I was seriously thinking of doing the entire ride from Concord to Hayward today, but almost doing a century and working a full 8 hours wouldn’t work.

    Glad to hear a lot of cyclist were out. My wife stopped by one energy station in Lafayette, but saw many! Sounds like more people were out today!

    Pedal’em if you got’em!!!

  • Alan says:

    It’s great to hear the turnout was good today in the Bay Area. The Bike to Work activities at my place of employment are happening tomorrow to coincide with our corporate office’s event in VA, though the official event in the Sac area doesn’t happen until next Thursday, the 21st.


  • beth h says:

    I couldn’t say whether Bike To Work Day had anything to do with it, but my shop sold SIX Surlys in one day earlier this week.
    Of course, it’s hard for me to party when every day is bike-to-work day for me. But if it’s new to any of you, have fun!

  • Alan says:

    That’s fantastic, Beth. I’m glad to hear business is good!


  • Andy in Germany says:

    It doesn’t seem to have decided what to do here. We go from sunshine to rain and back again. This morning was low cloud and dampness, although to me it gave the world a beautiful mysterious look outside of the town.

  • bongobike says:

    It was a great morning for riding to work here in Austin. Light traffic (at least on my 12.5 mi. route), OK temp., if a little muggy, and lots of free breakfast stations with fruit, pastries, breakfast tacos, coffee, juice, etc. made for a wonderful commute. LBS Freewheeling was handing out free city cycling maps and water bottles. Last year they were giving away stainless steel travel coffee mugs!

  • Carolyn Ibis says:

    It’s been a cold and damp week for our city’s first Bike to Work Week( Prince George, BC, Canada). It’s been between a high of 43-51 f during the day, brrrrrr.

    But for a city of 80,000, and it’s first Bike to Work week ever, 85 bicyclists stopped at the Celebration Station on Day 1 (Monday, May 11th), so that’s impressive! I saw more that didn’t stop. We even had a bbq the last day of celebration, and had a good turnout despite the dampness and cold air. It will be returning next year!! :)

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