SABA Bike Valet Service

The Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates have been providing valet parking services for bicyclists in the Sacramento area for over a decade. They estimate they’ve parked over 50,000 bicycles in their portable secure parking areas set-up at various outdoor events, concerts, etc. Recently they’ve acquired a custom bicycle trailer from Bikes at Work that will enable them to use pedal power to transport the fencing, bike racks, tables, and other equipment used for the parking service. As far as we know, SABA’s is the only bike valet service in the country that hauls their equipment by bike.

SABA Bike Valet @ Amgen TOC (video)

3 Responses to “SABA Bike Valet Service”

  • bike Jax says:

    They will be until Memorial Day weekend. We be hauling our by bike to set up 3 bike valet stations throughout downtown Jacksonville.

  • Alan says:

    @ bike Jax

    That’s great!

  • Sharper says:

    Well, it looks like come Memorial Day, we’ll have to relegate ourselves to being first, not only. Congratulations to Jacksonville for picking up the slack!

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