‘Tis the Season

The gardening season is in full swing around here. Given that it’s Mother’s Day and the Mom at our house was in the mood to plant some herbs this morning, we took a trip to the nursery to pick up a new hose and a few other supplies. The bikes handled the loads well and the ride made an already pleasant morning even that much more enjoyable. We hope you’re having a nice Mother’s Day too!

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  • ksteinhoff says:

    My kid turned into a gardener this winter (we’re in FL). I was surprised at how much produce a small plot could generate.

    You can see his live Tomato Cam here.

    He’s going to build one in our backyard after the summer is over.

  • bongobike says:

    The hose on your front rack reminds me of what we’re going through here. I was irrigating my lawn this morning. Temps have been in the 90s for several days here in Austi n, and my lawn is already suffering–no rain in the forecast either. Central TX is going through the worst drought in decades. Let’s ride more and drive less and see if we can kick this global warming in the butt!

  • Karen P-V says:

    @bongobike: to help conserve water, you might want to consider replacing part or all of your lawn with landscaping including drought-tolerant plants. Best wishes from a fellow cyclist in El Paso.

  • Donald says:

    To Karen,
    I agree with getting rid of the lawn. Last year we were very dry here and every time I started the sprinklers guilt set in. (Not that it bothered my neighbors, especially the ones whose sprinklers were on during the last rain storm.) I am planning on pulling up the lawn and putting in low water plantings. The only plants that I want to water will be the ones that produce food.

    It was great cycling weather here this weekend though. High 80’s-low 90’s and no wind, cool mornings. I ran lots of bike errands and helped volunteer with bike month activities.

    Sacramento, CA

  • Alan says:

    Hi Donald,

    The weather was perfect for bicycling in Sacramento today, wasn’t it? If you don’t mind my asking, what type of work were you doing for Bike Month?


  • bongobike says:


    Yeah, I hear you. There are so many things I want to do with my yard, but I chose a house with a VERY big yard and removing all the sod and planting other stuff will take time and money. We’re slowly getting there.

  • ksteinhoff says:

    Summer is just starting to set in for real down here in S. FL, so it’s time to think about switching to night riding.

    Here’s an account of doing the Frog Dance under the Full Moon.

  • Alan says:

    Karen, et al,

    We too have plans to eliminate our front lawn (have to keep the back for the dogs), though insufficient amounts of time and money continue to deter us from actually getting started. Hopefully, this fall it will all come together.


  • archipelageo says:

    This is the first time that I’ve seen that rack on you LHT. Does it take panniers? Mind sharing what it is?

  • Alan says:

    @ archipelageo

    Yes, it takes panniers. Here’s more information:

    Pass & Stow


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