Here at EcoVelo, we like to promote the use of bicycles for grocery shopping, commuting, running errands, and any number of other practical things. We also like to share information about the many benefits associated with riding bicycles such as saving money, improving one’s health, and reducing one’s ecological footprint. All of these things are well and good, but there are times, like on a beautiful evening in the spring, that we may set aside all of these practical concerns and go for a bike ride for no other reason than to enjoy it.

These evening “strolls” as we call them, are not unlike going for a walk to the park after dinner. The pace is easy and relaxed—about 8-10 mph tops—and about as strenuous as a casual walk with friends. The destination could be anywhere or nowhere; the point is to get out of the house and enjoy the evening, spend some time together, and have fun on the bikes. This is our favorite kind of riding!

8 Responses to “Strolling”

  • Iain says:

    It is a fantastic way to see the countryside in all its beauty without the need to get somewhere at a particular time. We do this a lot and we spend a lot of it on specific paths for bikes and walkers and most of it we spend talking to each other, more so than we talk to each other when in the car together. Nothing beats it. :)

  • bongobike says:

    Yep. Best kind of riding there is!

  • Cullen says:


    I feel very lucky that my recumbent trike is very stroll-enabling. It obviously won’t finish much higher than last place in a race. But, it has so much carrying capacity that I can take strolls to places like the grocery store or library, and come back with enough ingredients for a delicious meal or some large, heavy art books…

  • Dave Brown says:

    The affection you have for your wife, made obvious by your photos, is both touching and heartwarming. Your shared love of cycling is beautiful. – Dave

  • Alan says:

    Thank you very much, Dave.

    Best regards,

  • Carolyn Ibis says:

    It’s particularly nice to go for a good stroll on bike when weather is nice. Last weekend it was unusually warm, so I biked to store, got some food, and biked up a hill in a park and enjoyed some lunch!! I biked a few relaxing times around the trails before eating. If that isn’t pure bliss, I don’t know what is!

  • Brenda Borron says:

    Our little group, “Over the Hill Cyclists”, does this kind of riding every Friday. There are usually about ten of us, median age 82. We drive or ride to the meeting place set by that week’s leader and have a coffee and chit chat for half an hour. At 10.00 am we are off for a leisurely ride of about 20 – 25 km, sometimes on trails, or sometimes around Victoria neighbourhoodswhich are beautiful right now with all the spring flowers. At noon we end up at a restaurant, again chosen by the leader, and have lunch together. It makes for a really pleasant and relaxing morning. Healthy, too, if you don’t overdo the lunch!

  • Jeff Lock says:

    I commute all the time as a shiftworker.Some of my favourite riding is after dayshift or nightshift if the weather is nice.I take a “shortcut” home. 25 Kilometres longer than my normal commute but it brings me out on magnificant trail alongside the bay.(Boston Bay Port Lincoln)
    I love just rolling(Strolling) along enjoying the views and talking to all the walkers out and about.
    It allways (first law in cycling) ends at the coffee shop before heading home nice and relaxed and the stress of work left far behind.
    Port Lincoln

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