Planet Bike Spok

I’ve written before about using a bevy of small LED lights spread around on the bike and rider to create a larger and more eye-catching visual footprint than what is possible with just a single bright headlight or tail light. Small, relatively inexpensive LED lights have become so powerful and efficient that they’re an excellent way to significantly increase your nighttime safety without breaking the bank. And I prefer LEDs to reflective material because LEDs don’t depend upon the motorist’s headlights to illuminate the rider.

Planet Bike recently sent me a few of their new products to try out. I wrote about the Escape Pod the other day and I’ve also been using their “Spok” micro LEDs. These are really nice LED “be seen” lights that have a single “Nichia eXtreme 2.0″ emitter with both steady-on and flash modes. They get up to 100 hours run-time on a single CR2032 battery and their velcro strap allows them to be mounted pretty much anywhere on the bike. They’re available as a single light in either white or red at $14.95, or as a set of one each at $24.99. These little lights pack a punch and a few strategically placed on your bike will significantly increase your after-dark visibility.

Planet Bike Spok

10 Responses to “Planet Bike Spok”

  • jamesmallon says:

    I have two on my helmet. For city riding, having something visible above the roofs of parked cars is good.

  • Duncan Watson says:

    Those look great. I am always looking for better ways to be seen. I think I will have to try one or two. Thanks Alan.

  • Perry says:

    OT: That first pic is really lovely. you are becoming quite the photog. :)

  • dwainedibbly says:

    Spok = Fail. I won’t use anything that requires button-cell batteries. It’s rechargeables only for me. Come on, PB! Make a small LED light that uses a single AAA so that I can use a rechargeable battery!

  • Alan says:


    I too would have preferred a single AAA. It’s my guess they went with the CR2032 to achieve this particular form factor.

  • Alan says:


    Aw shucks, thanks Perry. ;-)

  • Tom Adams says:

    I ride at night every week. LED lights should be used in combination with a reflective triangle, such as the ones from Adventure Cycling or Lickbike. In headlights, the triangle is much brighter and is visible from much farther away than blinkies.

  • Bob says:

    For a single AAA taillight, how about the Soma bullet?

  • No says:

    That ‘reflective triangle’ seems to be an American thing. Particularly when applied to cycles. We have much smaller, solid reflective triangles on large vehicles, car trailers, etc, but I’ve not seen them on bikes nor anything like the larger outlline triangle Americans seem to have – where does that come from?

  • beth h says:

    Our shop is actively beginning to phase out all battery light models that do not accept rechargeable battery sizes. When we were invited to consider smaller lights like PB Spok and much of the Knog line, we pretty much rejected them out of hand because they do not use rechargeable batteries. Nice look, but unsustainable designs.

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