Cargo Rack Fetish

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  • Len says:

    Love the racks, bottom rack in particular. Is that a Pass & Stow??

  • Alan says:


  • Eddie says:

    Why all these shots of great cargo racks not carrying any cargo? Please show some photos of their utility unless this really is just an exercise in bike art fetishism ;-) How about photos showing those racks transporting a flat of spring flower seedlings from the garden center or crates of eggs from the farmers market?

  • Alan says:

    Ha! No worries, there will be plenty of shots of the racks in use… :-)

  • Jason B says:

    If you’re going to have a fetish. You picked a sweet one.

  • Christa says:

    Very sophisticated. I want one! :)

  • d1willis says:

    Can’t quite make it out in the photos or on the Pass & Stow website – does their cargo rack need brazeons on the upper part of the fork or does it attach at the handlebar or caliper brake bolt location?

    Great looking bikes, I think your Surly is about my very favorite. I am commuting 5 mi each way on a Masi Soulville with Shimano Nexus 8, traded out the handlebars for something a little more backswept, added fenders (real ones), lights, bell and a rear rack for my Ortlieb panniers. Fun!

  • Alan says:

    Hi DW,

    I’ve had a number of inquiries about the P&S rack, so I plan to post some detailed photos and a brief report later today. Check back this afternoon…


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