Planet Bike Escape Pod

Rack trunks are cool. They’re convenient to get into, they fit almost any rack, and they don’t increase the width of the bike — a nice feature for commuters using transit and storing their bikes in tight quarters. Plus, hard-shell trunks offer the advantage of being water-resistant/waterproof and many are lockable.

I’ve been playing around with Planet Bike’s “Escape Pod” and I really like it. It’s a simple hard-shell trunk with a clasp on each side, a padded internal bottom, and an internal cargo net. It comes with a built-in lock and two keys, and the PB logo on the back is reflective safety material. Installation was easy and took all of about 5 minutes. There are other, more sophisticated hard-shell trunks on the market (at double the price), but the Escape Pod is perfect for daily rides back-and-forth from the office or errands in the neighborhood. Overall, it’s a really nice product at a great price.

Planet Bike Escape Pod

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  • Roland Smith says:

    The waterproofness is a big plus for trunks. The downside is that they’re not flexible in accomodating odd-sized stuff the way that a bag is. And you might need a bag anyway to carry your stuff from the bike.

    I personally like the rack bags from Radical Design. They are designed for ‘bents where a strap goes on the seat and the bottom of the bag clips around the rack front and back. But I think you could fit them on a standard bike as well, with the strap around the seatpost. These bags are waterproof and hold their shape when empty. And you can easily take your stuff with you because the bag has a shoulder strap. Initially I got a medium one (20 liters volume) but now I’m using a 30 liter large one for taking stuff to work and grocery shopping. But i can also stuff a laptop in it if necessary.

  • Fritz says:

    The locking lid is nice, but is it also locked to the rack?

  • Wuss912 says:

    how easy is it to take on / off the rack? this would be great for me but i need one that ican take off so i can put my daughters burley piccalo on the bike …

  • Alan says:

    @Fritz & Wuss912

    The Escape Pod bolts onto the rack from the inside. It’s a quick install, but it requires a Phillips screwdriver and a few minutes. Good for the locking aspect, but not so good if you need to remove it on a regular basis.

    Ortlieb makes hard-shell trunks with quick release mounts, but they’re much more expensive than the Escape Pod ($120-$220).


  • Charles says:

    For a year or so I have been using the cheap & ugly option. This is a sportsman’s dry box from Cabellas or Wally World. It is not easily removable; but is lockable (with a small padlock), roomy, fits the rack well. It is secured with rubber coated hose clamps around the rack tubes and fender washers to spread the load at the bottom of the box. It has an O-ring seal which has never leaked. A bit of foam for cushioning and it carries spare tubes/patch kit, tool kit, energy bars, cell phone, camera, keys and a load of other things. There is a slight rumble on chipseal at speed. The best thing is the whole mess was about $20. You can see the box on my Longbikes Slipstream at

  • bongobike says:

    How about a picture of the bottom (inside and out) that shows how it is attached to the rack?

  • Alan says:


    Here’s the outside. The inside has the same steel bars running across the bottom. You just tighten the screws from the inside with a Phillips screwdriver. Hope that helps… :-)

  • bongobike says:

    Good, thanks. A simple attachment that should fit 99% of the racks out there, if not all.

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  • andy says:

    Hey, does this allow enough room to still use panniers? Thankks!

  • Alan says:

    Hey Andy,

    It depends upon the specific rack and pannier, but I’d say that in many cases the answer is no.


  • Joe says:

    If you had a topeak super tourist or any rack that allows you a lower bar for attachment of panniers that would solve the problem. Racks that don’t have a lower bar for pannier attachment are problematic, you don’t want whatever you decide to put on top of the rack to impact your ability to use panniers. We mostly use tandems, and have put in supertourists on all of them because of this issue

  • Will says:

    Great review! Thanks for the information. I’m considering purchasing this box to hold a rectangular battery for powering my Big Dummy/Stokemonkey contraption. What would be the dimensions of the largest rectangular object that would fit inside this box? Planet bike lists the dimensions as 15in x 7 in x 8.5…but is that the interior or exterior? Thanks!

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