Running Errands

Bike by Pashley, bags by Queen Bee.

4 Responses to “Running Errands”

  • Joseph Terrazas says:

    Nice ride.
    Reminds me of my 1955 J.C.Higgins, made in Austria, English Racer.
    Do I see a card attached to the front fender brace?
    Balloons made a much richer sound, for a few minutes.
    Those were the days.

  • Barbara Kilts says:

    The Queen Bee bags are very nicely made. For Christmas, I bought a wallet from the Queen herself at our local BikeCraft fair for my daughter. She also received a Queen Bee small messenger bag from her boyfriend. Next is panniers? Naugahide never looked so stylish!


  • Alan says:

    That’s a Queen Bee truckette too. They’re really nice bags for light use around town. We also like the fact that they’re handmade in Portland by nice people. :-)

  • Erich Zechar says:

    My sis is restoring an old Raleigh for around-town use, and wants a basket like that – any idea where you got that wicker basket, or what the brand is?

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