Bike Arc

The Bike Arc “Half Arc” (shown above) is an interesting bike parking solution. Bike Arc produces other racks based on this same theme, from the simple “Rac Arc” (essentially a Half Arc without a cover), to the fully enclosed “Tube Arc” that is adaptable from 16 bikes to upwards of 60+ per unit.

From the Bike Arc website:

Innovative, sustainable and sculptural, the Bike Arc system just might be the smartest idea to hit transportation since the bicycle itself. Born out of a shared reverence for the bicycle and the environment, the design evolved from the collaborative efforts of celebrated U.S. bicycle advocate Jeff Selzer and Joseph Bellomo, an architect renowned for his leadership in holistic, green design.

Bike Arc

7 Responses to “Bike Arc”

  • Perry says:

    Looks pretty cool!

  • Ows says:

    I tried to get a fencing and welding firm to fabricate something similar a few years back… but they could understand the concept (my idea was that the smaller the parked bike’s footprint, the less space the parking area would take up – i.e. by storing the bike almost vertically).

    We ended up with a decent-ish bike parking area, that took into account the Victorian architecture in the vicinity, but I still felt a little short-changed!

    Good to see somebody got in there and did it!

  • 2whls3spds says:

    I love it!…now to get some around here.


  • B says:

    Looks good but you also got to consider, if you put this in a big row all along the street it will be a mess and your view of the other side is blocked. Not good for shoppers and strollers.

  • Charlie says:

    From their website, it looks like their plan is for you to lock the rear wheel and leave the front readily available for theft. D’oh! Otherwise, I like that it allows plants to grow under your front wheel.

  • meligrosa says:

    it’s awesome to find out what this piece is called!
    and that red bike is sweet ;)
    I saw this sometime back during a visit down to the Palo Alto area, but there was no one around in the bldg. to provide further info. -from ‹October›

  • Ben says:

    Yo, Charlie!

    You can always lock your front wheel to the frame. It works well.

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