My Bike Lane

My Bike Lane is a website that allows users to upload photos of bike lane parking violations. Approximately 7,200 reports have been posted from around the world. New York City takes the cake with over 4,000 entries!

My Bike Lane

3 Responses to “My Bike Lane”

  • Adrienne says:

    Oh, I am soooooooooooo joining this!! I am sick of how often I have to stop traffic to allow my kids to get around these clueless, uncaring drivers! Thanks for posting this!

  • Duncan Watson says:

    Nice site. I will make sure to use it.

  • John Gear says:

    The risk in my neck of the woods (Salem, Oregon) is not so much parked cars but dark plastic garbage and recycling carts left in the bike lanes — I use a bright flashing LED light in front and, despite this, have nearly been clobbered a couple of times, stopping only inches from ramming one of these bins while riding at night.

    I’m trying to get a campaign going to get householders not to put the carts in the bike lane and to have the city make sure that all the carts are marked with reflective paint or tape, but it seems like it will require someone getting killed or seriously injured to make folks take notice.

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