Superflash Rear Rack Tail Light Bracket

I posted the other day about a rear rack mounting bracket for the popular Planet Bike Superflash:

“Speaking of Planet Bike, I just ran across this awesome little light bracket. As many of you know, I’m a big fan of PB’s Superflash tail light. Until now, I’ve been mounting my Superflash on my seatpost. This bracket allows you to mount the tail light on your rear rack in the “Euro” position—a better location if you use a rack trunk or routinely strap items to the top of your rack.”

I ordered a pair of brackets a few days ago and they arrived today. One of my racks has a Euro-style horizontal tail light mount and the other has a vertical mount. I’m happy to say the bracket fits both mounts and took just a few minutes to install with the supplied mounting screws.

Planet Bike Tail Light Bracket

9 Responses to “Superflash Rear Rack Tail Light Bracket”

  • Kenneth Rhodes says:

    Is it possible to mount 2 or possibly 3 SF’s with one bracket?

  • Alan says:

    I don’t think so, Ken. The light slips into the bracket in the same manner it slips into the seat post bracket.


  • doc says:

    After losing a Mars light and nearly losing my Superflash, a friend recommended securing it to the clip using a zip tie. Sometimes you hit a bump just right and those lights end up on the street until some curious passerby comes along and puts it in their pocket.

  • MitchK says:

    Thanks for that update Alan!

  • Ken "DeltaTrike" Jones says:

    As many tubes you got, and as many 2″ spots on said tubes you got, that’s how many coolio lights you can mount…..I got about 67 of them lights on me trike and it ROCKS!

  • Ghost Rider says:

    I wish more racks came with this bracket mounting point…I also wish more companies included such brackets with a light purchase (including PB…it’s only an extra $3.00 of plastic!).

    Superflash + rack bracket = winner.

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  • christina says:

    What is the rack in the photo that you have the light mounted to?

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