Metro Dry Run

I have an Arkel Metropolitan pannier (“Metro” for short) in-house for review and I took it out on a real commute for the first time today. Here are a few first impressions:

  • It’s a sharp looking bag.
  • It looks business-like and fits in well at the office.
  • It rides a little higher than some bags, making for more heel clearance.
  • Even though it appears to be smaller than the Arkel Bug (review here), it holds about the same amount of stuff.
  • The single shoulder strap is well-padded, but if you carry a lot of junk like I do and you have a multi-modal commute that involves getting on and off of transit and walking long distances, the Bug with its double backpack straps is likely to be more comfortable for you.
  • It has a flat bottom and stands up nicely on its own.
  • The overall quality and workmanship is vintage Arkel – in a word, superb.

I also have a matching Metro handlebar bag on test. I’ll publish full reviews with detailed photos of both once I’ve had more time to give them a real workout.

Arkel Metropolitan

5 Responses to “Metro Dry Run”

  • Rick says:

    I’ve got the arkel commuter, and use it almost daily for the work commute. Bought it for the laptop sleeve, but I just as often slide files in there instead. Easy on-off latch system.

  • brad says:

    I looked at the Metro when I was shopping for a bag recently, but decided to go with the Bug, mainly because the Bug has a helmet holster that I thought would come in handy (I hate carrying a helmet around when I’m food shopping, and putting it in the bag itself leaves no room for my groceries). The helmet holster is a nice feature of the Bug, but when the bag is loaded full you can’t really fit a helmet in it anymore, there’s not enough room.

  • Miguel Marcos says:

    I have Arkel touring bags and they’re marvellous in construction, materials and design. I use the handlebar bag pretty often during commutes.

  • B says:

    How do you like your Brooks saddle?

  • Alan says:


    Love it.

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