A Day in the Sun

We had a nice day at the Green Machine Bike Fair today. The setting was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, and it was great fun meeting some of our blog readers in person. Jeff rode all the way over from Rocklin on his beautiful 67cm Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen (thanks Jeff!) and it was great to finally meet Eric from Sac.

Highlights included the Bike Blender smoothie booth, John the trike riding “sign swinger” (more on John later), 50 cent fresh limeade, and a nice collection of raffle prizes. A number of local bike shops were in attendance showing their goods as well.

The Belle of the Ball was Rick’s Greenspeed GT1 trike. Practically every person who walked by wanted to take it for a spin; I think he should sell tickets next year. The darned trike was such a distraction that the gorgeous two wheelers surrounding it were relegated to the sidelines for a good chunk of the day. Most of the test riders were college students and I doubt their budgets have room for a $2,350 trike, but maybe a seed was planted for the future. If nothing else, the trike rides created a stir and made some people smile.

Overall, turnout was light as might be expected for a mid-day, mid-week event, but it’s always good to get out and talk with people face-to-face about bike commuting and how they’re using their bikes for transportation.

One Response to “A Day in the Sun”

  • Greg says:

    Perhaps not for a $2400 trike, but the Terratrike Path (3 speed hub-999, 8 speed hub-1199) – is a great budget trike.

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