Gallery: Dottie’s Rivendell Betty Foy

This is my Rivendell Betty Foy from the first batch released. She is for commuting to work and pretty much everywhere else I go when I don’t want to ride my heavy Dutch bike, as I don’t own a car. I hope to take her on a couple of short tours soon. Some of my favorite components are the Nitto front rack, Nitto albatross bars, Portuguese cork grips, Honjo hammered fenders, 650b wheels, bar end Silver Shifters, pretty Japanese brass bell, Brooks honey B17S saddle, and MKS sneaker pedals. A joy to ride! —Dottie

[Lovely bike! —ed.]

Rivendell Betty Foy @ Rivendell

12 Responses to “Gallery: Dottie’s Rivendell Betty Foy”

  • Karl OnSea says:

    Lovely! Things we particularly like . . . the mudguards (fenders) . . . that brass bell . . . the colour . . . and those superb Rivendell lugs!

  • Michael(the wife:)) says:

    I think we might need to “foster” one of these soon? Alan, whaddya say? ;)

  • Alan says:


    I’m afraid your Pashley Princess might be a little jealous though… ;-)

  • Bryan @ Renaissance Bicycles says:

    Good for you, Dottie!

    I’m sure others are thinking it, so can you share the build specifications. You’ve done a superb job!

  • Dottie says:

    Thanks for posting my bike! Michael, if you wanted to “foster” a Betty Foy, I’m sure your Pashley would understand as my Oma understands. :)

  • Michael(the wife:)) says:

    Thanks for the support Dottie! :D

  • Gentleman's Bike says:

    Classic Rivendell just-outta-the-box look with the handlebars at max height. They don’t want to scuff the stem. (You might be more comfortable letting them down just a bit).

  • Dottie says:

    Gentleman, thanks. I actually put together the stem and handlebars myself and after test riding a bit, put it up to max height for my own comfort.

    Michael, anytime :)

  • DrMekon says:

    That is so, so pretty.

  • Kyle says:

    The Wife and I were over at Rivendell last weekend to buy a few goodies and we saw the Betty Foy! Gorgeous bike! All the bikes there are amazing. One day I’m walking in there and buying two. Stimulate the economy!

  • Alan says:


    A pair of Rivendells; now that’s my kind of stimulus package. ;-)

  • Cathy says:

    Lovely Foy pictures! I have a Rivendell Glorius and I love it. The Betty Foy is every bit as good and beautiful as the more costly Glorius.

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