Easter Brunch

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  • William says:

    Maybe it’s my distaste for brand names and packaged food speaking, but I’m not a big fan of this photo. Not that it matters much: this site is wonderful and a daily destination for me.

  • Alan says:

    It’s interesting how people so frequently see different things when looking at the same photo. To me, this photo is about the bike in the background and the fact that we were out for a ride and picnic on a beautiful Easter morning. I hadn’t given a moment’s thought to the type of food in the photo until you mentioned it.


  • Eddie says:

    Gee, William, that’s such a downer view of a rather innocuous photo. I see the promise of a good day – sunshine, a bike and food. I guess I missed the half-empty glass.

  • ksteinhoff says:

    I guess I was oblivious to the product placements, too.

    Here’s what our Easter Sunday family gathering looked like.


  • William says:

    Sorry to be a bummer, then. Hope the ride was enjoyable and the food delicious. We too had lovely weather for an easter ride.

  • Val says:

    And here’s how ours went: http://www.rideyourbike.com/cargobikeride19.html A bit wet, but fun, for sure.

  • Ryan says:

    I got a new Surly Big Dummy Satrurday as I was visiting my parents. I ended up giving my mother a ride down to a local restaurant with my dad following on his bike to have a cocktail and watch the Masters. It was a great ride. I got quite a few looks in Redding CA during the ride. A) I was riding through town on a bike, and B) I had a passenger. Good times though.

  • Alan says:


    It’s no sweat, just a bit of a surprise. It was a wonderful day; I’m glad to hear you had a nice one too.


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