Newly Adopted Civia

We tried fostering dogs for a rescue once but we were terrible at it. The problem was that we became attached to the dogs too quickly and we didn’t want to give them back. We had to stop before we ended up with a house overflowing with dogs and a citation from the city.

It turns out that reviewing bikes is not unlike fostering dogs. You take in a particularly good one and you start thinking you wouldn’t mind having it around a little longer. The next thing you know, 3 months have gone by and you’re still riding the bike and you haven’t written the review because writing the review means you have to give back the bike. Eventually, inevitably, the time comes to give it back, but you can’t shake the feeling that it’s your bike now, so you break down and buy it and your house is one step closer to overflowing with bikes.

Like I said, we’re terrible at fostering. The bright side? At least the city doesn’t set a limit on how many bikes you can own.

4 Responses to “Fostering”

  • Eddie says:

    With so many bad habits in our world to fall prey to, I say count yourself lucky you chose to addict yourself to man’s best friend and man’s best transport. As I see it, you’re on a roll.

  • Thomas Barone says:

    Alan– i can relate very well to your ” dilemma” I have had sevaral dogs over the years and now have (3) bikes . The dogs lived out their years with me as we all grew older, the bikes just seem to keep hanging around .

  • Karen says:

    Hi Alan – It’s even worse for me. I don’t have to foster a bike to fall in love… I just have to read your reviews! That’s why I have the LHT… but I will resist the Civia because I do know one of our dogs needs surgery. The dogs are the only thing that I won’t sacrifice for my bikes (oh and Geoff and the kids) LOL

  • ksteinhoff says:


    Has it ever dawned on you that some vendor, somewhere, looks over his numbers and says, “Wow, if I sold just ONE more bike this quarter, then I’d win that all-expenses-paid cruise.”

    “Sales are really slow right now. The days are dwindling down to a precious few. Who would be a sure bet? Alan at EcoVelo, that’s who. I’ll send him a “review” bike. He’ll fall in love with it and buy it just in time. Drinks with umbrellas in ‘em, here I come….”

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