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In our previous life we ran a little site called The Recumbent Blog. The primary focus of The Recumbent Blog (or RB as it was sometimes called), was… wait for it… recumbents. [For the uninitiated, recumbents are those rare and unusual bikes that place the rider in a “laid back” riding position. —ed.] RB had a good four-year run with over 750 posts and nearly 3,000 comments, but when our focus shifted to encompass transportation-oriented bikes of all persuasions, we decided to close down RB and start up EcoVelo. Our last post on RB was May 4, 2008, and the site has laid dormant since then.

That is, until this week.

We’re pleased to announce that The Recumbent Blog has re-awakened and is now owned and operated by a wonderful couple in Canada, Rob and Penny Mackenzie. Here’s a little about Rob and Penny in their own words:

There are many reasons why we have chosen to continue to nurture The Recumbent Blog, taking over from its creator Alan Barnard.

The first reason lies in the Blog itself. It is a rich four-year collection of recumbent history, humour, comment and data that is also beautifully photographed and masterfully crafted from a visual design aspect. We firmly believe that what attracts the eye attracts the mind. For us, and we think for many others, The Recumbent Blog did that superlatively on both counts.

A second  reason lies within us. We have received enormous pleasure from recumbent cycling and hope to for many years. Our tastes are relatively simple; a Burley Jett Creek for me and an EZ-3 delta trike powered with a little electric-assist for Penny (my bride). We’ve drooled over the esoterica of the recumbent world but we understand that our pleasure comes from where and how we ride instead of what we ride. That is pleasure we’d like to share and The Recumbent Blog is a perfect vehicle.

In retirement, we now have the time and energy to work on the Blog. Hopefully over time we’ll develop some of the skills needed to continue to produce truly fine reading for all of you, to inform, amuse and generally share in the joy of recumbent cycling.

A special thanks to Alan and Michael; we know this has been their “baby”. They poured blood, sweat, and I suspect some tears into the creation of this Blog. They are still producing extraordinary work and drawing a huge crowd over at Ecovelo ( Give yourself a treat; go have a look for yourself.

It may take a little while for us to get our feet under ourselves so look for us shortly but not immediately… we’re still at the stage of wondering “What were we thinking… ?”

Rob and Penny Mackenzie

It’s been a real treat handing over the site to the Mackenzies. We can’t imagine a nicer couple and we’re thrilled the site is going to such a good home. After less than a week they’re already up-and-running and doing a fantastic job! If you’re a recumbent enthusiast it’s a no-brainer — add them to your RSS feed right now (click here). And if you don’t know much about recumbents but would like to learn more, The Recumbent Blog continues to be one of the best resources on the web.

The Recumbent Blog

5 Responses to “The Phoenix”

  • David says:

    I’m glad the Recumbent Blog will live on. I checked out the first entries by Rob and Penny and they didn’t disappoint. Thanks Alan for creating the blog and setting the bar so high, and thanks Rob and Penny for keeping it going.

  • Kenneth Jones says:

    Hey Rob & Penny: Way to go! This is how I came to know Eco-Velo – looking for recumbent stuff and I am thrilled to see you guys starting it back up! I’ll be seeing you around!

  • John Waring says:

    rob and Penny> I am also retired, 72, but love my recumbent. thank you for taking on this Blog. am looking forward in reading it. good luck and God bless. John from tehachapi, Ca

  • Dave says:

    Hello Alan, I was just wondering if it might be a good idea to add The Recumbent Blog to you list of Blog links on the right hand side?

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