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Our city publishes a nice little bikeways map that shows multi-use paths, bike lanes, bike routes, transit facilities, bike locker locations, and other public facilities. It’s designed to conveniently fold up into a small booklet approximately four inches square for placing in a pocket or bike bag. The rounded corners of the cover make it easy to slip into a tight space and help keep it from getting dog-eared too quickly. Every city that has any sort of bicycle-specific infrastructure would benefit from a map like this. Besides being incredibly useful for those who are already dedicated bicycle riders, it also makes a wonderful outreach piece for promoting bicycle use. I carry a few with me on my bike and hand them out anytime I spot an opportunity.

If you think your community would benefit from a bikeways map, you might suggest the idea to an appropriate government official. If they show interest, but aren’t sure how to get started, the following links may be helpful.

View our Bikeways Map
Roseville Bikeways Webpage

12 Responses to “Bikeways Map”

  • Ken says:

    All I can say is that you are very fortunate to live in a bike friendly community. I’m, unfortunately in the South, where the local redneck tries to take you out if he sees you on a bicycle.

  • brad says:

    We have a number of great maps and bike-path booklets for Montréal and elsewhere in Québec; the problem is that you pretty much need to buy a new map every year because new paths are being added all the time and occasionally existing ones are rerouted. To me, this cries out for an electronic solution, such as a map that you can use on an iPhone/iPod Touch, or on a bike GPS. The latter is a luxury item (which I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I just indulged in, not for city biking but because we’re going to take a long bicycling tour this summer and we have a tendency to get lost so I figured a GPS would help keep the stress level down when we get to unmarked intersections), but enough people now have smartphones or iPods that can display maps that I think it makes sense and reduces the amount of wasted paper as printed maps go out of date.

  • AJ says:

    SACOG is working on compiling all of the bike path/lane data for the 6 county Sacramento region. It will then be integrated into a web bike trip planner and hopefully a printed map.

  • Alan says:


    That’s great to know. Please keep me in the loop – I’m sure my readers in the area would love to be informed when it becomes available.


  • Bryan says:

    That is a great idea and would be great if more cities followed suit.

    Nice blog too. Found you via Stumbleupon.

  • EricaLucci says:

    Phoenix, Arizona has a map which I personally find extremely helpful. I still check it often to find the most bike-friendly routes around the city.

    It can be downloaded here -

  • Bill Lambert says:

    Thanks for sharing your map. We have a rudimentary map like this in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our multi-use trail system is growing, and the city planners are planning bike lanes and shared lanes throughout the city. I will share this map with those folks. Something like this is what we will need, since the current map will not cover the areas they are planning.

  • Leon Webster says:

    There are a couple of government issued bike maps in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, but the bike map I like the best is published by Little Transport Press ( They have been publishing a twin cities map since 1984 when I first moved here. Their maps have great graphics, are easy to read, and cover the entire area. They are as well done as the Adventure Cycling Maps. Little Transport publishes maps for the twin cities, Madison, WI, and Milwaukee. No affiliation — just a satisified customer.

  • Teck says:

    We are fortunate too in NYC that we also have some bike maps and bike paths around the city.

    I only wish that the bike paths can be somehow separated and partitioned from the roads so that cars cannot cross into the bike lanes especially during rush hours. This will protect riders and also encourage more people to hop on their bikes without the fear of getting run over in the streets of NY.

  • sean says:


    we dont toot our horn very often here in calgary – however we are very proud of our network of trails and bikeways. have a look at the map – 500+kms of routes –

  • Eddie says:

    Does anyone know of a website that compiles a periodically updated list of links to on-line bike path maps? Sometimes it takes a bit of searching to find these gems, assuming the community you are investigating even has bike paths for an on-line map to published for.

  • Teemu says:

    Take a look at

    It is a wiki style open bicycle roadmap. It covers already much, but needs also much help to expand. I was amazed how accurately it shows my region.

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