Please join me in welcoming Breezer to our list of site sponsors. We’re big fans of Breezer and we’re super-excited to have them onboard. Since 2002, Breezer has been a leader in producing transportation-oriented bicycles for the U.S. market, and they’ve done a tremendous job helping to raise awareness of the benefits of transportational bicycling and car-lite/car-free living.

The Breezer line-up includes Town Bikes, Range Bikes, and Folders. Town Bikes feature internal gear hubs, chain guards, racks, and in some cases, integrated lighting. Breezer Range bikes have many of the same features as Town bikes, but with 700c wheels and wide range gearing for longer distances and more demanding terrain. Breezer folding bikes are great for short commutes where storage is an issue, and longer multi-modal commutes that involve train and bus transfers.

Here’s a bit of background on the company:

In 2002, Joe Breeze took a step he had long hoped for when he launched a new line of Breezer bicycles to provide healthful ways for North Americans to get the places they need to go in everyday travels. His new Breezer business is entirely focused on “transportation for a healthy planet.” Throughout his years of bicycle industry and advocacy work, Joe researched transportation bicycles and formulated his ideas. He designed a line of bikes that combine the great performance Breezers have always been known for, with a wealth of useful equipment. Joe’s new Breezer designs integrate well-built frames with transportation features such as generator lights, fenders, racks, reflective tires, locks and even bells. As Joe sees it, you should be able to walk into a bike shop and buy a fully equipped vehicle that is useful in your everyday life. The new Breezers have the performance to satisfy experienced riders, and they’re comfortable and easy to operate, even for novice riders. North Americans who had not thought of themselves as “cyclists” are now using bikes for errands, shopping, commutes and rides with family and friends. Joe’s lifelong dream is being realized.

I’ll have a Breezer Finesse in-house for a road test later this season.

Visit the Breezer website

4 Responses to “Breezer”

  • jamesmallon says:

    Wish they had a steel line; Brodie now has for 2009:

  • Roland Smith says:

    That Finesse is a fine looking bike with very sensible equipment for transportation. Now that I’ve become used to having disk brakes and a hub generator and hub gears, I’d be loathe to part with them because they work so well and are so convenient.

    BTW, I’d like to ask what other people’s experiences are WRT lifetime of brake pads on disk brakes? The pads in my front brake (shimano XTR) are almost worn down to the bare metal after 3000 km.

    Alan, when you get the review bike, I’m wondering what the “chain tensioning bottom bracket” is that Breezer mentions? It could be a simple excenter mechanism, but it’s hard to make out on the pictures. Cool idea, though.

  • Dottie says:

    I like the whole Breezer concept and look forward to reading about the Finesse.

  • marlingo says:

    The girlfriend and I have Breezer Uptown 8s in black. Totally love ‘em. Perfect thing for my short 2 mile commute straight through downtown Portland or loading them up heavy with a week’s worth of groceries.

    Here’s a photo.

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