Yin Yang

Taken while hangin’ out in front of the grocery store this morning.

Speaking of… while out on errands today, I commented to my wife that this is undoubtedly the nicest day for bike riding we’ve had all year. A gentle breeze from the south, blue skies, and a high of 77 F… WOW. Tooling around on bikes on a day like today makes you feel like you’re on vacation at the coast (and it totally beats the heck out of driving around in a car). Gotta’ luv the bike! :-)

7 Responses to “Yin Yang”

  • Iain says:

    Humph, its snowing here and 3 deg C in Aberdeenshire, thought spring was supposed to start tonight!!

  • Croupier says:

    I’m going to ride to the beach right now! HOORAY!!!

  • Alan says:


    You live up to your moniker (the Frozen Penguin). Get warm soon… :-)

  • Alan says:


    Surf’s up!

  • ksteinhoff says:

    Saturday was the annual Rotary Club Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST) ride. Temps were in the (FL) chillies at the start, but it was almost 80 by mid-day. Everything was pretty much perfect except for winds gusting up to 30 mph.


    Because we were riding an arc, we had headwinds going and coming. Fortunately, the headwinds started early. Otherwise a lot of newbies would have thought they were Superman (woman) and ridden too far on the way out.

  • Karl OnSea says:

    You seem to be taking part in a nid-80s advert for Levi jeans, and have been caught mid-way through stripping down to your boxer shorts in a launderette.

  • Alan says:


    HA! Boxers, bermudas, what’s the diff really? :-)

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